BioShock Rescued Shooters, Says Levine

2K's Ken Levine has told Eurogamer he reckons BioShock has rescued the shooter genre by opening up a brand new market.

"I can pretty much guarantee to you that if BioShock wasn't successful, there never would have been another game like this," Levine told Eurogamer in an exclusive interview. "I don't even know how we convinced people to pay for BioShock. These games had never made any money - everybody told us when we were pitching BioShock, sounds like a great idea, you'll sell 150,000 units - next!"

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coolfool4316d ago

The FPS genre? If so then I think that he is completely wrong. Since when were people not buying FPS games? I'd say the genre is probably the one of or if not THE most popular genre in gaming.

Maybe he is referring to the more story focused puzzle/strategy element? If that was the case I still think I might disagree with him.

Someone care to enlighten me what, in reality, Bioshock did to resurrect shooters?

Excalibur4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

But it seems like he is a little full of himself.

Granted BioShock was a great game but it didn't invent/re-invent or resurrect anything.
Shooters were doing fine when BioShock came along and shooters have be doing fine since it's release.

BioShock came along at a time when not many games come out, that is a good part of it's success.

Secondly, it's storyline was different than the normal War/Alien invasion type shooter and that helped with it's success as well.

If that is what Mr. Levine is referring to then I'll agree. BUT...

Ya made a good game, I'll give ya that but don't think you are king of the block now.

I can tell ya this Mr.Levine, if you get too full of yourself and run your mouth a bit too much you may find yourself losing sales.

Enjoy your success and shut your mouth.

Follow it with a few more good games then get back to us with your king of the block attitude.

morganfell4316d ago

I agree completely. It is possible to observe on N4G alone the recent evolution of Ken Levine from game developer on the outside to pigheaded egotistical jerk on the inside.


This is the point where developers begin to alienate themselves. He is setting himself on fire and diving into a crowd yet is too full of himself to notice the damage.

I love fat headed egotards when they self destruct like this.

Bioshock didn't rescue anything. And last count it wasn't in the top 5 for the 360 - and the top 5 has 3 FPS titles, one Third person shooter, and a racing game. It isn't in the top 25 on the PC either.

Time for you to go Ken, we have had enough.

SL1M DADDY4316d ago

And makes it sound like they were the end-all, be-all know-it-all's of the genre. Heck, did he forget how well System Shock did? Even before this type of FPS was around it did pretty well. Folks were ready for another great FPS and this one delivered. Maybe it's just me but this guy is getting a bit too much press lately and really needs to just shut his trap. What the world needs least is another developer that can't stop bragging about themselves. Yeah, I love his work and respect that but lets leave it at that, kay?

Lord_Ash4316d ago

Ok this guy is starting to get on my nerve, you made one excellent game, Hurray, congrats, now make another great game and shut up...

He may be added to the list of "people so full of them self they can never get over it" along side Tomonobu Itagaki.

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The story is too old to be commented.