Exact release date listed for the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

The exact release date has been listed for the upcoming Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller.

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XBLSkull1126d ago

Perfect, same day as Halo 5. Microsoft take in console gaming to the next level, next month. Should be all finished up with Phantom Pain by then.

Septic1126d ago

Yup. I'll be broke next month

franwex1126d ago

After MGSV, Forza 6, Halo 5, super Mario maker, persona 5, and xenoblade chronicles x, I'll be really broke, but in gaming heaven.

Kribwalker1125d ago


Good thing you have 9months to save for persona

StrayaKNT1126d ago

Halo 5 + elite controller = next gen gaming

Volkama1125d ago

Destiny + Elite controller = Expensive gaming

ninsigma1125d ago

Same day as halo?? Nice! Perfect timing. Can't wait to get my hands on that controller :D

Izalith1125d ago

Im totally broke. Forza 6 X1 console, this controller, pro evo 2016, fifa 16, halo 5, mario maker, cod bo3, nfs, fallout 4, star wars Battlefront, Nathan Drake Collection, xenoblade chronicles X, tales of zestria are either on preorder or bought.

Games everywhere. Still have many great games this year that I haven't finished yet.