Hammerhead Bridge Finally Coming to Splatoon

Hardcore Gamer: Tonight, Inklings will find out it's not safe to go on the bridge. Hammerhead Bridge is the latest stage to be released for Splatoon and it's got a lot of bite to it.

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TheRacingX1127d ago

Its great all these new maps are added, but they need to rotate more through, 2 maps a day gets old quick playing them over and over....

AKR1127d ago

Twice per day? The maps are rotated twice every 4 hours; 2, 6 and 10 [EST]. Which means there are 6 rotations in a 24 hour period.

TheRacingX1127d ago

I'm sorry , I have a life outside of splatoon and cant play for 24 hours or come back every 4 hours for new maps. Youre missing my point, there are all these great new maps and they should all be cycled together. If I'm playing the game for an hour with a match lasting 3 minutes, you're getting in roughly 20 matches, meaning I'm playing the same map 10 times in that hour, it gets old fast.

Mega_Volnutt1127d ago

I played the map a couple minutes ago. It's awesome and full of surprising paths that will help you take control of a game. Master Monkey I need to see ur almighty opinion regarding this matter lol.