Rock Band 4 interview: Getting the band back together | Interview

Thumbsticks' Tom Baines speaks to Harmonix's Nick Chester about why Rock Band 4 is the music game to go for this year.

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The Best Music Rhythm Games on PS4

If you like games that make you tap your feet to the beat, here are 10 of the best music rhythm games available on PS4.

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Asking Alexandria headline the latest Rock Band 4 DLC

James writes - "Should you be in short supply of songs, Harmonix have you covered with loads of Rock Band 4 DLC ready to purchase, including the two latest additions to arrive from Asking Alexandria. Want to know what tracks they are?"

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Feed your Frankenstein as Alice Cooper and Slipknot deliver the latest Rock Band content

Neil writes: "If there is any time of year when you should be feeding Frankenstein, it is as the Halloween season gets into full swing. And should you be a Rock Band 4 player on Xbox One or PS4, then that opportunity is coming round right now."

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