Cagney Update Finally Released For The Xbox 360

Users at the Criterion Forums have finally confirmed the release of the Burnout Paradise: Cagney Update for the Xbox 360.

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Bombibomb3780d ago

Got it a few weeks ago for the PS3 version. Very nice update but I can't wait for the bikes.

power of Green 3780d ago

I keep seeing these retarded BO posts, is this game still popular?... Are people still playing this garbage?.

Seems like people are trying to boast this game. No one on my list plays this POS game.

Speed-Racer3780d ago

The update brings totally new stuff to the game. Kinda like an expansion but wayyy cooler.

sunnygrg3780d ago

and enjoy the update that we already are doing for the past few weeks or so. Try not to get RROD.

xtreampro3780d ago

i think your saying that cus ur crap at burnout, you a sissy, you'll get HAD by everyone who comes on it or plays it

Ali_The_Brit3780d ago

HAHA your only saying that because its so late for you. i can bet any money if this was "cagney update finaly release for the PS3" you would be all boastfull and laughing about how where only just getting an update and that youv been enjoying the amazing game, you are so pathetic.

FAQS3780d ago

A: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !...what the f#ck! that's the most STUPID comment I ever read in this site, and it came from you, that's not a surprise! One of two: 1- you never f#cking play this game in you live or 2- you only said that because Criterion thought in PS3 first, as they did whith the main game, turning it WAY BETTER on PS3 than the xbox360 version! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

krakdol3779d ago

That's nice from Criterion to help the dying crapbox owners. They got no game in 2008, and this package will be fine, even if it's 3 months late compared to PS3.

Playstation Man3779d ago

Sucks at Burnout, doesn't play it cause his sucky fanboyism doesn't let him play PS3-lead developed titles. 360 is teh suck.

TheDude2dot03779d ago

What is wrong with you people? Power of green saying a game is dumb because an update was delayed, and the others making fun of him for liking the 360 too much?

Does anyone know if it was just that the update was delayed or it was made after the PS3 version? Or are you just going to argue about how one came before the other.

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MaximusPrime3780d ago

i have been enjoying the update on my PS3. loving every minutes of it.

no wait this is xbox 360 they are talking about.

TheMART3779d ago

How nice for PS3 fans. The first game that gets the update first on the PS3. Well at least you know how 360 fans this one time have felt, you've experienced it countless times and will do so in the future.

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