Xbox App On Windows 10: New Updates Available Today And Preview Program Coming Soon

By Major Nelson:
Today, we’re pleased to announce the next wave of updates for the Xbox app on Windows 10 rolling out today. In addition, just as we’ve done on Xbox One, we’re releasing a new Xbox Beta app on Windows 10 later this month to offer a preview of coming updates before they become available. Let’s dive in.

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Iluvtrim1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Yippee. Xbox is the best box. Xbox is the future. Built for the future. I'm all in.

sangoku_d1126d ago ShowReplies(7)
user99502791126d ago

the ability to use the app for typing to X1 is great. Also like how they are live updating the activity feed and friends list. IMO that's important.

I've been using the app quite a bit. It's a great way to quickly check XBL. Gamestreaming is pretty cool too, though I've only used it a few times to play Pure Holdem while cooking or something. Can studder at long distances, but great for playing some poker.

MeliMel1126d ago

How is Pure Holdem? Ive been wanting to get but the low rating at store is putting me off. Ill probably get it anyway as I like playing poker.

BlackTar1871126d ago

using the App to type is awesome and a huge deal for me.