Xbox 360 to deliver the finishing blow to the PS2?

Recent evidence has shed light that the Xbox360 arcade is to have a price cut down to £100/$199.99. It is comonly claimed that the £100 price tag is when a console realy takes off, indicating that the Xbox 360 will once again see the dominance it saw prior to the launch of the Wii...

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Putting a ? at the end of a fanboy title still makes it fanboyism.
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Silogon4394d ago

Well, let's see it only took how many consoles to do it; if done?

xbox 360

I'd say it was a pretty good run, wouldn't you all?

power of Green 4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

xbox 360

I was looking out for you, just wanted to complete your list, Good point too. PS2 is a dominating force, I dissagree with #4.1's tone/intent.

Gam714394d ago

I don't see it happening for one reason.

Thses price cuts are for america.
That always means america only and the rest of the world gets nowt.

The ps2 only went to £129 just before the ps3 came out. Remember sony showing europe love by releasing it 6months after it came out in america.

If it took that long for the ps2 to get close to £100 it would be a bold and very smart move for ms to drop the 360 price to £100 now but they wont.

They will do what american (i know sony is japanese but they do this as well) companies do and simply change the $ to £ so if there is a price cut here it'll be to £199 not £100.

ruibing4393d ago

Well it's about time for Sony to drop PS2's price anyways to $99. I'm probably gonna grab one for some good friends of mine who still only own SD TVs.

NegativeCreep4274393d ago

This upcoming holiday season will almost certainly see Sony droping the price of the PS2 down to below $100 (it's amazing how much a $30.00 difference can make, isn't it?)

I am certainly not enough of a fanboy to say that the Xbox 360 has no good games; The Xbox 360 has some great games, for sure, but when put next to the Playstation 2's back catalogue, The Xbox 360 is like a midget trying to beat Mr. Olympia in a weight-lifting contest, no contest at all.

Not only that, but will almost all of the PS2's AAA titles now on the discount rack as Greatest Hits, ANYONE can experience the awesome gaming Euphoria that the PS2 offers.

The PS2 still offers that advantage over the XBOX 360 that the 360 cannot match yet (at least for the next few years).

Gam714393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

I completely agree about the games list.

Shame sony doesn't.
Why in the world take away BC.

But like ps3 fans keep saying no-one who owns a ps3 wants to play ps2 games. And they have a go at pc and 360 for being inferior tech (Even though thats not true) so who would want to play their games the quality and price of the ps2 catalogue means nothing.

Of course I'm not a ps3 fan and still play GC, xbox and most of the old machines on emulators the ps2 catalogue looks appealing. (why did mine have to break)

Apart from all the other problems with the parent company, it's fans, the price, and the failed expectations, BC could sway me.

Well bc and the price, I can ignore the fans and the company

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SixTwoTwo4394d ago

Not if Sony throws in a free washcloth.

Skerj4394d ago

No, they need to throw in a satin tote bag.

SCThor4394d ago

You know, just in case :)

abcdog10004394d ago

im 10000000% shure that the predution cost to make a ps2 is way less than it is to make a 360. when the 360 has a price cut to 200$ couldnt sony easily drop the ps2's price 2 100$ or less. for all we know the sonys big anouncemet is a ps3 price cut ,most likily 299$.

RemmM4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

Yeah okay 20M world wide in 3 years vs 140 in 8 years. I doubt 360 will ever reach that much because the 720 is coming out. PS2 is the king of consoles. They have to sell OVER 1M units a month..I don't see that happening.

thereapersson4393d ago

Hahah, I see what you did there. Bubbles for the laugh.

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mikeslemonade4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

Only Sony Computer Entertainment can shutdown the PS2 by not releasing any new software. The demographic buying a PS2 doesn't play the same kind of games as a 360 gamer. The person buying PS2 is getting it for rockband, guitar hero, madden, singstar etc, so they will not buy a 360 just for those games. 360 going down to $200 will only hurt one system and that is the PS3 and somewhat maybe the Wii.

Snukadaman4394d ago you actually read what you type...that has to be the most ignorant thing I have seen in months......every games you mentioned has a version of it on xbox 360...a better version even....they are even catering to the singstar people by releasing lips.....why would they buy the ps2 version for 10 dollars cheaper and get terrible graphics? buy a ps2 for 130 bucks or spend 100 dollars more and get better graphics....yeaa tough decision.

SCThor4394d ago

Yeah sure, Xbox360 version offer next-gen button colors in rockband and Hi-Def videos on Lips...oh wait, no HDMI...

zypher4394d ago

the thing is, most people who buy those types of game aren't hardcore gamers. they aren't the type to care about graphics, high-def and hdds. they care about value, which they will still find more of in the PS2 than the 360 (especially since there's nothing stopping Sony from dropping the PS2's price to sub-$100).

whats up with this article anyway? why make a big deal about delivering the finishing blow to an eight-year-old system? even if the 360 kills the PS2 (which i HIGHLY, EXTREMELY doubt) it still has the PS3 and Wii to contend with, both of which offers far more of a threat to Microsoft and the 360 than the PS2 does.

na2ru14394d ago

Yeh hmmm......... should i buy a ford or a mercedes? The price difference is only....

RememberThe3574394d ago

Are you saying that the 360 is a Mercedes? So whats the PS3, a Bentley?

Gam714393d ago

Don't soil the good name of Bentley.

MNicholas4393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )

1) The 360 has never enjoyed a period of sales "dominance". Before the Wii it was dominated in sales by the PS2 and now its consistently dominated by both the Wii and the PS3.

2) Its the Wii and PS3 that diminished PS2 sales (apart from the fact that nearly everyone already had one) not the 360. It's after the Wii and PS3 were released that PS2 sales really started to fall off quickly.

3) This year the 360 only outsold the PS2 by 10%. OTOH the PS3 outsold the PS2 by almost 50%!

4) The "Arcade" model isn't even a gaming machine out of the box. You have to pay an additional $100 to buy the hard-drive, and if you wanted to play online, pay and additional $50/yr for each year you plan on using the Xbox360 online.

It's the ultimate in hidden cost pricing pricing that borders on bait-and-switch. They lure the customer with a $199 price tag and surprise them with hundreds in additional cost. The Wii is $249. Thats it. No surprises. All features included. Same goes for PS3. No dirty tricks on unsuspecting target and walmart shoppers who will do the bulk of console buying.

Gam714393d ago

Er the arcade is targeted at kids and families so they don't need a hdd as they get a memory card.
Casual gaming.

A gamer would know which model to get so that negates your point.
It's not like buying another console only to find out you got a model with no BC on it like the company touted for instance?

Who shops mostly at wallmart and target? Gamers or families?

But you already knew the arcade was for families and not the hardcore crowd right?

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Ghoul4394d ago

the headline is pretty funny

nextgen 360 to beat 8 year old ps2 :) haha funny

Sk8boyP4394d ago

360 v PS2 and PS2 still wins

Gam714394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

Well the ps3 can't do it.

Luckily for sony

4394d ago
Bloodwar4394d ago

SK8boyP, it looks like the PS2 beat the PS3 in its own game of the next gen war according to your logic. HaHa =)

RememberThe3574394d ago

What ever makes you feel better. Oh and Gam, The PS3 is leading the 360 right now, but you can stay in 2007 if you want :)

Gam714393d ago (Edited 4393d ago )


Not in the last few weeks. If that keeps up trouble for the ps3 which is still last...

But if you want to live in the "Next year it will work, next year it'll be different" mindset.

The fact is you cry at someone who points out that the ps3 has also failed to kill of the ps2 but you don't say anything to the ones who used this to have a go at the 360 originally?

Wonder why?

Shows why your point is to be ignored.

But as long as you feel better for saying it.

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Sk8boyP4394d ago

You see! 360 was't competing with PS3 it was trying to beat PS2 and after 100m sales for PS2, it ain't happening and once Microsoft realized that, they then said "We released our console in 2005 to get a head start" lol foolish Xbots don't know the whole story

Sk8boyP4394d ago

Disagree? Then what was 360 doing in 05? It sure wasn't competing with itself.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4394d ago

PS2??? ;-D ;-D ;-D
Why not the Wii??? or PS3??? ;-D
PS2??? ;-D ;-D ;-D

xBox 360 = FAILURE(Just like the Original xBox which the PS2 KILLED OFF!!!) ;-D

POOR KING xBot RATs on this FAILED again!!! ;-D
(What a waste of two years of your sorry LIFE!!!) ;-D

@Sk8boyP ;) I pressed Agree with your Comments;)

Kratos Spartan4394d ago

I try and tell these people that the 360 was meant as competition for the PS2, not the PS3. But this is N4G.

silverchode4394d ago

didnt the ps2 beat the 360 in 05? :)

SlappyMcTaint4393d ago

Stop the presses and butter my bread!! The 360 will deliver the final blow to a 9yr old system?!!? A 9yr old system that doesn't break!!

theKiller4393d ago

that the 360 is competing with the ps2 but they called me a driod for saying that

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