GTA 5 is two years old. Now what?

VideoGamer: "With GTA Online seemingly taking up most of Rockstar's time, we look at the single-player DLC we would love to see."

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Rearden1216d ago

Two years old and Rockstar still refuses to put it on sale. Not even a 10% discount for PC players yet...

KingTrash1216d ago

Oh yeah. Pure greed. They're constantly creating new stuff for online and giving it away for free. Besides that, it's one of the best games of all time. Why would they discount it? It deserves every cent it makes.

TheBurger291216d ago

Its really not that great of a game, sp is good but the mp is just crap. They make it a grind fest for money so people buy their shark cards. The free content shit is so stupid as well, what have they added? A few guns and cars, some new clothes that sucks, boring missions.

xPhearR3dx1216d ago


While you may not like it, you're the minority here. Millions and millions of people love and play GTA V everyday. I bought the game 3 times (PS3, PS4 and PC+The Collectors Edition) and I wouldn't take it back. I've never once purchased a shark card or felt like they thrown it in my face to do so. They've added hundreds of new clothing options, missions, side activities, Heist, free updates for improvements and new features etc. And let me remind you, this has all been free and frequent. So if they want to charge for shark cards, be my guest, at least I didn't have to purchase every add on they released for $5 or god forbid even more.

Rockstar is far from greedy.

Dragonking0071216d ago

Its worth the price I didnt mind paying 60 twice because its an amazing looking game no matter wat platform your playing it on but go ahead wait till holiday sales.

TheSaint1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

It's called supply and demand, it's a great game so you have to pay for that greatness.

They also release constant FREE dlc.

And lastly gaming is a luxury not a necessity. Can't afford it? Then you have bigger issues.

SlightlyRetarted1216d ago

Why would you discount the price if it still sells well?

Genova841216d ago

I think GMG has had it for $46 before. Still $60 for a pc game shouldn't happen as there's no console licensing fee. I said long ago I wouldn't buy it for more than $30. Sticking to my guns on this. Too many other games to play anyway.

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N0TaB0T1216d ago (Edited 1216d ago )

No information about story DLC.

Hmm. And the GTA Online fanboys will say this is them "taking their time", like they took their time with five minute heist missions right? Right?

What a joke.

solar1216d ago

the most fun ive had online in years. so much fun

boing11216d ago

I concur. Had a long break from GTA but I decided to check it out when latest patch was released. Oh man, I forgot how much fun it is. Had a blast with this free roam events.

solar1216d ago

For me, as someone that had given up on the GTA series after 4, just got bored of it quickly, I was very reluctant on purchasing GTA V. A mate talked me into and haven't looked back.

xwilldemise1216d ago

Still play this game online here & there, can't say that about much games, two years old means nothing with GTAV

Rob Hornecker1216d ago

I couldn't have said it any better! The game is still a blast to play and I must say that between gta5 and battlefield 4 the support has been outstanding for games that are 2 years old.

I have enjoyed the heists and 4 player co-op. To me this says that the old girl has a lot of life left in her.

Looking forward to seeing whats in store for gta6,or will they keep coming out with dlc for ga5 over the next year? Only rockstar knows!

cplus1216d ago

Time needs to slow down.

TripC501216d ago

Say that again when Rockstar announces GTA 6

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