First DLC for MGSV: The Phantom Pain announced: MGS3 themed costumes and horse outfits

During Tokyo Game Show 2015, Konami announced several downloadable costumes for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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DarkOcelet1128d ago

Not three weeks have past and Konami announce dlc for the game. SMH.

Let the milking begin. I wouldnt be surprised if Chapter 3 was actually cut out and will be sold as expansion.

-Foxtrot1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Would not be surprised...but then again even if it does idiots will buy it anyway.

"Hey Konami you've really become arseholes lately, with the way your treat Kojima and now your employees, MGSV will be the last game I ever...OOOOOO story DLC which was obviously cut....SOLD"


punctualdork1128d ago

"idiots will buy it anyway."

If people want it, they want it. You don't have to be childish.

FunkyGoron1128d ago

How idiotic of me to buy something I'd enjoy/want.

Not saying Konami is great but geez, seems weird to call names based off what someone chooses to do with their own money they earned.

InMyOpinion1128d ago

I doubt most of us have even finished 30% of the game yet. It's one of the most content packed games released this gen, and on top of that the completely free online component isn't even out yet.

In the other corner there's games, I mean schemes, like Destiny: The Taken King which are completely disgraceful. And you have the audacity to b*tch over some costumes after everything MGS 5 gave you in comparison?

-Foxtrot1128d ago


I'm sorry but if people are really sick of a way a company acts, not just Konami but people like Activision and EA yet go onto call them all sorts of names only to then buy as much DLC/MT etc as they can (despite the fact if they know it's been cut or held back).....well, I'm sorry but it's idiotic

How can you call a company, point out it's flaws and yet fuel the endless cycle which will lead that very same company to do the EXACT SAME THING with their next game

I'm sick of people pushing that constant cycle over and over.

In the end it makes peoples hypocrites.

nosferatuzodd1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Idiots will buy it anyway

Look what bungie and activision did to destiny they gutted the game like a fish
And sold a demo for 60 bucks then sold the rest has dlc I don't hear you crying about that and calling none of those people idiots now do we

TopDudeMan1128d ago

Didn't they learn from Oblivion? People didn't pay for horse armour then and are unlikely to pay for it now.

-Foxtrot1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )


" I don't hear you crying about that and calling none of those people idiots now do we"

If you haven't heard me rant about Destiny for the past...well....since it launched then I'll have to ask, where the hell have you been?

MysticStrummer1128d ago

You really need to stop pretending that what you think is worthy of a purchase sets the standard for everyone.

They announced optional cosmetic items, to go along with the optional coin things.

Let the whining begin. Oh wait it already did.

Xman2K1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

You stil hurt over the batman dlc you bought? Which was announced before the game released? Btw WB has been doing A LOT of shady dlc stuff(cough MkX),yet since DC or MK license I didn't hear this much backlash

Sashamaz1127d ago

I would like a remove the horn DLC.

Joe9131127d ago (Edited 1127d ago )

Dark Ocelet is right the rumoured 3rd act that was dropped from the game will become $20 to $30 dlc. Dang foxtrot I think you was right back when GZ came out.

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Majin-vegeta1128d ago

I wonder if that's the fallout they had with Kojima.

WitWolfy1128d ago

I seriously doubt that. Konami will have lawsuits up the ass from fans I can tell you that.

deadpoolio3161128d ago

Really you think they had a fallout over DLC costumes LMAO.....

Common sense dictates more than likely it had to do with Kojima being super over budget, super over time with development(they delayed the game practically a year)after practically 5 years in development...

FACT people can blow Kojima all they want 100% that both sides are at fault...

DanielGearSolid1128d ago

I'm no konami fan but cmon you're reaching here

These days publishers announce launch day dlc

SuperBlunt1128d ago

Fallout,witcher,cod,battlefiel d,batman. All guilty

Nitrowolf21128d ago

That is true but its pretty bad when all this DLC has already been accessed on the PC version released theirs fragments of it in there

At super

I disagree with the Witcher it started with 16 weeks of free DLC I believe or something like that and then although they didn't announce DLC their expansion packs and you really can't argue for $24 you're getting too big expansion packs that are easily more content than any big retail games out there

boodi1128d ago

they probably develope contents during the writing of the game , that eventually go in the dlc at a point

Ozmoses1128d ago

So wait??? You can't even announce DLC after the game comes out now???

What about the ones that announce DLC before their game is even released to the public...

hmmm.... the latest offender seems to be Bethesda and Fallout 4..

but yeah... 3 weeks after MGS V is open to the world... Konami isn't allowed to announce any DLC plans...

talk about double standards...

caseh1128d ago

How about the ones that offer pre-orders for DLC. :) Coz it's totally gonna sell out and you have to get dat order in before it's too late!

LAWSON721128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Big difference this is cash in fandom skin packs for something that could be free. Meanwhile Fallout has a long history of worthwhile DLC and the season pass will actually cover all future content at a decent price as well.

GTA and Witcher are great examples of why this is stupid content that should be free.

assdan1128d ago

People are going to bitch about DLC no matter what the time frame is.

BG115791128d ago

Well at least we know now why Quiet was practically naked, her clothing was DLC!!!

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shammgod1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

wait, i thought Kojima and team were is this being created?

Of course, cause it is stripped from the game to begin with.

ColonelHugh1128d ago

By that logic they've already patched the game fully and are slowly leaking it. someone is still fiddling with content, right?

Skeleton crews stay on for games until they announce the end of support

FunkMacNasty1128d ago

This DLC reminds me of the Fable "horse armor" DLC that caused a stir years back...

Seems like a rip off unless it's free content... Big boss is ready able to wear green/black tiger stripe fatigues, as well as the ground zeroes sneaking suit and the solid snake black/grey sneaking suit. I don't need a tuxedo nor horse outfits...

Yi-Long1128d ago

I believe you're thinking about the Oblivion horse-armour DLC.

Dragonking0071128d ago

Im going to give them every cent in my pocket just because your comment

sullynathan1128d ago

Fallout 4 announces dlc before release, Witcher 3 announces dlc before release - no problem

MGSV announces dlc after release - Konami is bad

LAWSON721128d ago

Skin packs that could be free, but no Konami has to cash in on the MGS3 fandom.

Fallout 4s DLC is about much more than cash in skin packs.

AstroCyborg1128d ago

better then announcing the dlc 6 months before the game even drops like with every other game

SnotyTheRocket1128d ago

Fallout 4 announced it before the games even out. Nobody cared because Bethesda.

1128d ago
pivotplease1128d ago

All games get DLC pretty quickly these days, so this is by no means blasphemous. I think it's a waste of money for this stuff personally, but at least it's not a 40 dollar season pass or running on a Destiny model (2 "expansions" followed by a legitimate expansion combined with a rerelease).

bondsmx1128d ago

Yeah, but it's some stupid skins. Who cares??
It's trivial. Doesn't add to the game at all.
Now, if it was the announcement of the "rumored" chapter 3 to the game, then we the players have every right to be pissed.
But a couple of skins for snake and D-horse, who cares ya know.

Wickerman19721128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

All this DLC stuff would have crashed and burned shortly after it began had people not bought it. But people did buy it and they continue to buy it so it's gonna keep getting worse and worse. They're gonna keep pushing it further and further until they discover what can't work and so far it's appearing that there's no ceiling. Lots of criticism, sure. But they don't care about that. Only lack of sales will curtail it.

D3TH_D33LR1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

Are you guys dense? Most games announce DLC before the game came out. Holy hell some of you guys are really butthurt over a great game. You make entirely no goddamn sense. Especially foxtrot

garos821128d ago

i wont buy it if it is not produced and directed by Hideo Kojima.

Lord_Sloth1128d ago

Well at least it's only cosmetics so far. Nothing I'll be buying.

Spenok1128d ago

The hypocrisy is hilarious with this. People are bitching left and right because of what happened with Kojima, and don't get me wrong, I'm upset about that too. But when other big name developers do THIS EXACT SAME THING, and in some cases announce the DLC/Expansion packs before the games are released (Looking at most recently The Witcher 3) no one bats an eye, and even loves them for it.

Again, I'm just as upset as everyone else over the way Konami handled the whole situation, and I can't see a future of MGS without Kojima. ALSO that The Witchers DLC is slightly different in that it was free, however, they had DLC the next week, and everyone knew it would months before the game came out.

Chocoburger1127d ago

Calm down, it's just costumes, does it really hurt that much to have optional costumes in a video game? If the price is cheap, then its not a big deal, but if they're $3 each costume (or more!) then its total crap.

I would have preferred for these to be in the game originally, but companies want to milk us for all we're worth these days.

DarkOcelet1127d ago

You have said it yourself mate, you would have preferred them to be in the game. They should have been in the game or they could simply given it to us for free just like CDProjeckt.

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SuperBlunt1128d ago

Not surprised. Only thing i want would be the boss' outfit. Odds are id have to buy the ten dollar (assuming) pack as a whole. Lol horse armor

Giru0171128d ago

Boss and EVA costumes are for Quiet only :(

SuperBlunt1128d ago

Oh they ARE for her? I could have sworn they were for female soldiers. Hmmm...

lsujester1128d ago

You're wanting to see Ocelot in EVA's uniform, aren't you?

ecchiless1127d ago

Isujester man bubble for funny xD

PhucSeeker1127d ago

Nope! They are for female playable characters.

Sevchenko2111127d ago

I don't believe you, Giru017.

Giru0171127d ago

Not sure why I'm getting all the disagrees. They showed off the costumes for Snake and the other costumes were for D-Horse and Quiet. But sure, keep disagreeing...

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Wickerman19721128d ago

$10 for digital outfits for fictional characters ... and you might buy it. Just wow.

SuperBlunt1128d ago

Fanboyism knows no bounds

Spenok1128d ago

Where did you get that price? The article specifically states; "No Pricing or Launch dates have been announced."

@SuperBlunt, Fanboyism false information without any facts knows no bounds.

Summons751128d ago

I want the Tux for Big Boss and the EVA suit for Quiet!

tablecloth1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

You can already get the Eva suit for Quiet
Edit: Wait that was Sniper Wolf, my bad.

Baka-akaB1128d ago

Nope not gonna purchase this . I don't even use most of the ground zeroes costums yet , and even if i didnt ... not going to pay any dlc and bonus for MGSV

Giru0171128d ago

lol @ Konami LITERALLY doing Horse Armor... oh how the mighty have fallen.

DanteVFenris6661128d ago

Theres already bourse armour in the game. So it's just skins for said bourse armour. Not needed in any way so why complain

Spenok1128d ago

It's just people trying to find things to bitch about because of the whole Kojima/Konami situation. They will complain about anything. Even, and especially unwarranted things such as this.