PushStartPlay Review: Forza Motorsport 6 [XboxOne]

Richard from PushStartPlay writes: When the Xbox One launched in 2013, Forza Motorsport 5 was one of its launch titles. Much like the console itself, the game also had a rocky start in the new era. While the gameplay in Forza 5 was as good as any other racer in my opinion at that time, its lack of content including cars and tracks made it suffer somewhat, which is really the backbone of any capable racer. I know looking back at my review score in which I scored Forza 5 an 8.5, in hindsight at that time, I had no new-gen racer to compare it to. But now we’ve seen an array of popular and well developed racers since that time, such as F1 2015, Project Cars and of course Forza Horizon 2. So now with the arrival of Forza Motorsport 6, I can look at this game more objectively in comparison and it’s fair to say, that this is the racing game that Xbox One owners have truly been waiting for.

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Kingdomcome2471125d ago

Just a heads up to the author, Playground games develops the Forza Horizon series, and Turn 10 develops the regular Forza Motorsport series.

curtis921125d ago

My concern with FM6... it's 2 days post launch and it's not even cracking the top 30 on amazon's best sellers list for video games.

Kingdomcome2471125d ago

That's your, ''concern", huh. Lol.

curtis921125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

Yep. After FH2 lackluster sales and Sunset Overdrive, I'm tired of seeing critically acclaimed games fall under the radar. MS's advertising isn't what it used to be.

I'm a little peeved MS isn't trying harder with marketing, honestly. They seem to care more about marketing timed exclusives than actual exclusives.

AngelicIceDiamond1125d ago

"They seem to care more about marketing timed exclusives than actual exclusives."

What are you talking about? Care for an example?

bleedsoe9mm1125d ago

@curtis92 just curious where you got the sales numbers that FH2 or Sunset sold badly . ms has said they were very happy with how SSOD sold , and they have all the sales numbers physical and digital .

RiseofScorpio1125d ago

Is that why Forza 5 and Horizon 2 have sold 7 million units together? Who am I kidding your not play them anyway.

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Rookie_Monster1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago ) is not the only place to shop videogames.

FM6 and the bundle is #2 and 3 respectively on the current Best Buy best seller list.

If you are not here to talk about the review, then don't say anything that is off-topic and irrelevant to the topic at hand. We always get a couple of these on a Forza thread for some reason. Smh

Another great score for a great racer. Well deserved.

christocolus1125d ago

it seems his aim was to go offtopic with some side trolling.

3-4-51125d ago

uhhh people buy games from other places than realize that right ?

u4one1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

people shouldn't use amazons topsellers as a metric. its literally like a small percentage of total sales - especially when you consider people like me pre-installed it digitally as soon as it was available. thats a metric that doesn't show up on npd or amazon. most of my friends are all buying digital these days. i know lots of people aren't, but a lot of us are just simply for the speed and convenience.

it probably won't be the highest selling game, but i have no doubts its going to be successful. its widely considered to be the best console sim, if not racer in general right now. no other gen8 console racer has even come close to its reviews other than its own sibling fh2.

more importantly - just enjoy it. the number of sales don't mean anything. we all know its amazing. reviewers know its amazing and just like bloodborne or jrpgs etc, sim racers are kind of a niche genre, even compared to their arcade racing cousins.

take heart, friend. she'll be ok.

gangsta_red1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

So the lack of Forza 6 not topping the amazon chart list is preventing you from enjoying the game?

Have we now come to this?

"I'm a little peeved MS isn't trying harder with marketing, honestly."

What exactly are you looking for MS to do? Personally come to your house with a parade and have Vin Diesel force you on a golden throne and make you in to play this game?

u4one1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

the launch broadcast commercial was fantastic. running through all of history's great racing games. brilliant.

what a shot across the bow it would have been if the last racing game it broke through before going full Forza was Gran Turismo 6. haha. oh the drama that would follow.

aviator1891125d ago

Just letting you know that I've never seen any Forza title chart spectacularly on amazon and here we are at game #8 of the franchise.
That just tells you that the games perform well enough to justify future games in the series.
You don't need to be concerned about anything.

Rookie_Monster1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

Well depend where you are actually. In the crazy car racer nation of the UK, Forza 6 is currently sitting at #5 even before it releases tomorrow and only the more 'crazy for Soccer' 4 editions of Fifa 16 is ahead of it at Amazon UK. Forza is HUGE in the UK and every version debutted at or near the top of the UK weekly chart and usually stays in the top 40 chart for like 6 months straight.

That plus over 7 million unique Forza accounts between Forza 5 and Horizon 2 is why MS continue to keep pumping out quality Forza titles as it is not only successful but people love them and the high scores are accolades are proves of that.

aviator1891125d ago


Sorry, just to clarify, I was just talking about amazon us. I've never seen uk amazon before, but it certainly seems like racers do better over in europe.

demonddel1125d ago

I bought mines digitally on Xbox live so did 11 of my friends

RiseofScorpio1125d ago

Well its No 5 in the UK if that makes you feel better.

Bobafret1125d ago

I usually get my games from CDKeys these days,there are a multitude of places people buy their games.

Automatic791125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

Why is that your concern Curtis? Do you plan on buying or looking up sales in Amazon. The game is incredible congrats to Turn 10 for providing this generation an incredible racer.

Bigpappy1125d ago

Haven't looked at 1 single chart. Its just not something I do. I do READ the reviews just to see what people complain and praise the most about the game. The biggest praises are frame rate, handling and the effects weather and light or lack thereof affects the handling. It also gets complemented on its beauty. The con I see most is lack of a day/night cycle even thought the races are over in less than an hour. I have seen people hammer the score by 20% points with that as their only con.

But over the consensus is that it is pretty much the best console racer on the market. Sales is just a gage for how many people with an XB1 felt the need to pickup the best racer on the console. As great as I can see the game is, I am still unsure if car racing is still a genre I want to go back too.

XanderZane1125d ago

Forza 6 is a niche game. It's actually more popular in the U.S. then in Europe or Japan. It's actually at the #29 spot on Amazons Best Seller list and Rare Replay is at #10. Both are the highest exclusives on the list. I'm not concerned about Forza 6. It will sell a couple million.

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voodoogts1125d ago

Another high rated score. Going to pick this game up!

user99502791125d ago

Crazy game. Looks awesome. Plays incredibly. 24 players online? insanity. If you start at the back of the pack you've got your work cut out for you.

I've been playing in all my spare time. brain feels like mush. Cant even put it down long enough to take a run at Mario Maker.

My one concern is that they haven't had an A-class hopper for online races since launch. I know they are rotating for now and going to add more later, but it ticks me off that I cant race A class at the moment. Always my preferred balance of power and handling.

Doggy1231125d ago

@curtis92 when will people learn that's charts are not that important. Latest States would suggest 50% of console owners now download digitally