Destiny: The Taken King Breaks Day-One Records as Most Downloaded Game in History

"The release of The Taken King has set a new benchmark both for the series and for digitally released video games."

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Italiano12345671126d ago

I got it and love it bit I didn't see this happening simply cause lots of people have been complaining having to pay another 40 bucks. Looks like a lot of those complainers still bought it

Asuka1126d ago (Edited 1126d ago )

Believe it or not there is actually a very large community that does play Destiny. It's just that the minority of people who dislike it are more vocal about it. However, that doesn't mean that the minority is wrong as they do have legitimate concerns about the game. It's just that there is a silent majority of people who like the game and that gives the impression that "everyone hates it."

Just got my Void Edge btw, and can't wait to upgrade it to Dark Drinker for that void AOE ability

XBLSkull1126d ago

Wish article gave some specifics.

sactownlawyer9161126d ago

That's because the majority enjoy destiny as proven by sales. Also since release it hasn't dropped out of top 15 viewed games on twitch. Also whenever they do a reveal 200k plus watch just on twitch not to mention YouTube. Is destiny perfect? No but what game is. The taken king expansion really feels like a whole new game compared to year one. On a side note, swords are awseome use your legendary marks to level them up totally worth it. Also can't wait to see what xur has tomorrow.

Asuka1126d ago

Please don't bring us coal tomorrow Xur xD

Shadowsteal1126d ago

This is pretty depressing. I'm one of those destiny "complainers". They said explore the galaxy...they don't even have the whole solar system. It's been a year, no trading. Something even Borderlands had. It's upsetting because I felt betrayed that Bungie delivered such an empty product and it takes $120 to make it feel full. But it will never reach the original game we were promised.

I'll wait for Mass Effect 4.

Brotard1126d ago

1 trading would ruin the entire economy of this game.
2 wow I can't believe that you are complaining that a video game doesn't have an entire solar system of planets especially when the maps are as big and as varied as they are.

The only terrestrial planet you can't explore is Neptune and that's replaced by the moon and the dreadnought.

Yes please you don't you just SILENTLY wait for mass effect 4.

There are plenty of things that are wrong wth the game. These two are totally not it though.

Italiano12345671126d ago

That is one thing I would love to see in the future is a trading system. I'm sure lots of people or asking for it

reallyNow1126d ago

Trading, while making amassing gear easier, would KILL the entire point in this game.

cell9891126d ago

If you've never played Destiny, for $60 you can get a massive package with original game, dark below, house of wolves and take king. That's real value. If you've played destiny before and now complain it's expensive to put another 40 into this expansion then just don't buy it. Obviously it's not your cup of tea

ABizzel11125d ago


1. Trading wouldn't ruin anything, Borderlands and several MMO's do it just fine. And besides there's not much Exotic Gear to obtain anyway. And if they really wanted to keep it a bit strict they could force you to trade gear that has the same rarity (Exotics for Exotics), and reset the progress for the item when you trade them. With the weapon and armor skematics, it's not like it's insanely difficult to get multiple copies of weapons anyway, and Bungie did that willingly.

2. The maps are nothing but big circles, not the planetary open0world exploration they were selling in Dev diaries .

I like Destiny, but it's nowhere near what the Dev diaries had us believe the game would be, because so much content was and still is missing. Although after the Taken King there's finally enough content and diversity to make Destiny a really good game (8 / 10 range now IMO), but it's still not the Halo meets Borderlands meets Mass Effect, Solar System war that the devs were claiming years ago (not mentioning those specific games, but influenced by them).

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I think what a lot of people who defend this game need to realise is that the people who "hate" on this game are mostly fans who actually believed in bungie and the potential this game had.

people just go on this thing like all this hate is blind... it's not. It's because of all the complaining that TTK has changed and improved so much of what was wrong with Desinty.

If all those people have been hating/complaining because they want the game to improve and meet it's potential... then bungie make the changes that everyone asks for, it's only logical that those people will now want to play the game.

it's been said from the begining, Destiny had all the core elements of an awesome game. it was ruined due to greed, cutting content, cutting story etc. the gunplay was awesome, grinding and rng really left a bad taste in peoples mouths though... but the problems were clear enough that they could be fixed if bungie wanted and indeed they now have... for the most part.

I stopped playing destiny after about 2 months but even I am willing to give it a go if they have fixed all the issues that like me caused so many to stop playing.

cell9891126d ago

They have definitely done a lot of changes since the vanilla days.weapons are more balanced and loot is easier to get. It's more rewarding for sure

vickers5001126d ago

" the people who "hate" on this game are mostly fans who actually believed in bungie and the potential this game had."

No, most of the more vocal complainers are people who didn't give Destiny a fair chance. If you haven't even beat a single raid, your opinion of the game is not valid, and the majority of the people I see complaining are lazy people who on principle of laziness, will not spend 5-10 minutes on a group gathering service to play one of the biggest and most important aspects of the game. Those people are not "loyal fans".

Not saying Destiny isnt one big mess of problems or that loyal fans dont complain, I just reject your idea that most of the complainers are "loyal fans". Most of them are whiny, lazy nitpickers, many of whom had their expectations set way too high (though that was activisions fault).

Given the recent lawsuit news, Destiny may once have been what it was promised it would be, before Activision sliced up the game and pissed the writer off and turned into the disappointment that clearly had huge potential before.


@ vickers500

You only need to go to the Destiny forms and read a lot of posts to see that a lot of the people complaining actually have played the game long enough (and yes that includes beating the raids) to actually have a valid reason to complain...

I mean how could they give any constructive feedback on it if they have hardly played it at all.

don't get me wrong, yes there are some people who are blind haters... but the sort of haters that would make up the numbers that contributed to this dlc being the most downloaded game so far, EVEN though it's a rip off and overpriced.... don't tell me the blind haters would go out of their way to go back to them game and pay for it.

I disagree about the raid bit, a lot of people I know who complained completed the raids more times then is worth mentioning without really getting the rewards from the effort which is actually what lead to a bit of the complaining and the adjustments to the RNG systems.

I was one of the first people in my circle of friends to get to level 29, I spent almost a solid month and a half trying to get the gear to hit 30 while I had friends who joind me on what was their first raid and pretty much got all the gear needed etc and were like level 30 off the back of it.

now if I said it was not frustrating as shit id be lying and I know many felt the same.. again it was all over the forums.

infact a lot of people I know put in the time across all 3 classes up to level 30, i mean you would think they loved it but if you asked them or read their posts you would think they are haters...

anyway.. just saying what I observed.

MysticStrummer1126d ago

"the people who "hate" on this game are mostly fans who actually believed in bungie and the potential this game had."

I've seen people hate on the game because they somehow got the idea that it would be more like No Man's Sky. I question how much interest those people actually had in the game since there was never a preview that implied such a thing.

JWiLL5521126d ago

It's possible to defend this game while also recognizing it's flaws.

Bungie basically admitted they messed up year one. Nobody knows exactly what happened but some shit went down in the year or two leading up to launch that affected the Vanilla title a lot. Doesn't mean the series will stay that way.

Listen to any interview with Luke Smith and he says stuff like "I hate that Destiny isn't a better game, I want to make it a better game". Actual quote. He's the creative lead on the expansion and seems to have lived up to his word.

Giving up on Bungie is silly. They still make the best FPS gameplay out there and seem to have figured out how they want the series to go from here.

Also, their "greed" is no where close to a studio like 2K (Evolve...NBA 2k). They have no subscription fee and no microtransactions.


@ JWiLL552

agree completely...

also, when I used the word greed, I was refering more to activisions influence, not so much bungie themself

anyway, agree with your points

ABizzel11125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

@Dark Witness

Agree 100%, just as there are blind haters, there are blind defenders who gladly take any and everything, if it's not for the complaints of the community (such as myself), then we'd still be stuck with a Destiny much closer to the Vanilla Destiny then where the game is now (and IMO it's still not quite there).

Destinys early previews and dev diaries sold the game as a FPS Halo-like gamplay, with tons of RPG elements and loot similar to Borderlands, a deep and engrossing space epic story like Mass Effect, with so MMO elements. They failed on every one of those sections except gameplay at launch, and they cut most of the content shown from the dev diaries (Saturn / Mercury), and many of the sections you could visit in Vanilla, were finally opened after buying each $20 DLC (Warmind mission / capturing Skolis before PoE, were both areas you could visit but locked behind a DLC paywall). That Paywall was the BIGGEST BS moment I've experienced with the game, and it's flat out wrong.

The Taken King is good, really good, but it shouldn't have taken (word play) $140 to get to this point. This is what Destiny should have been Day 1, and this is the game that should have won GOTY 2014 without challenge, but thanks to all the cut content, the required constant endless grinding of the same content, and completely absent story it didn't. That's what we complained about. The Crota DLC alone didn't fix it, the PoE DLC did a bit more, but still didn't fix it.

The Taken King has almost completely fixed everything. But it has it BS moments too specifically regarding weapon balance nerfs, and making Year 1 exotics much less effective (since we likely won't get upgrades until another $20 DLC drops). Now the only real complaint I have and many others have regarding Destiny is that the DLC is getting out of hand. I think a lot of us would rather have an annual release each September, than to drop $80 a year on 2 mediocre DLC's and 1 good one, spread across a year. And knowing what I know now, I most certainly will not buy any of the quarterly DLC's and just wait until the entire package comes out in September, ESPECIALLY since 2016 is so packed with HUGE games across PS4 and XBO (and Zelda Wii U).

And this is coming from someone who's put HUNDREDS of hours into Destiny (18d 21h 34m to be exact), earned a Laurea Prima emblem, and ALL Exotics prior to Taken King Release.

There are legit complaints and problems with Destiny, a year later and it's a MUCH better game than Day 1. Hopefully in another year it will be the game we all wanted, hoped for, and expected at launch.


That's because they showed ships flying around in space, and people thought you could control the ships and fly from planet to planet, which wasn't the case. Not one person has made that claim since launch.

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The7Reaper1126d ago

All together I've spent $60 on this game $40 for The Taken King and $20 for House of Wolves (haven't bought Dark Below) I got the game free because my friend bought it hated it and gave it to me a week later lol

beardtm1126d ago

You need both expansions to play TTK so that's bullsh!t

Taero1126d ago

@1.5.1 Not too sure how it's BS? I'm probably not going to buy TTK after house of wolves disappointed me however why would you not need the previous DLC to play the new DLC? I can't think of many online games that release new content but don't need you to be up to date.

If I release game A that needs you to be level 50 at the end, then DLC C that needs you to be 70 and start at 60, I can hardly complain when there was a DLC for 50-60. Personally I wouldn't want to play with people in the third DLC who hadn't at least experienced the game play of the previous ones and knew how the mechanisms worked.

The7Reaper1126d ago

@1.5.1 Bullshit eh? guess that must explain how I can play then right smartass?

ABizzel11125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )


Dark Below comes with Taken King, so when he bought Taken King he immediately had access to Dark Below. So no it's not BS.

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KwietStorm1126d ago

Don't confuse internet geeks who have nothing else better to do, with people actively playing the game. Every time there's a Destiny article, "People still play this?" Well here's their answer.

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Justiceleague1126d ago

They respect Bungie!! A great developer. They should leave Activision

Tex1171126d ago

It has been a long year for Destiny, but it seems they really put it together. I have been enjoying the content quite a bit.

Perjoss1126d ago

"Do people even still play this game?"

looks like they do, quite a lot of people :)

cell9891126d ago

Indeed, since day one, there has never been lack of players to complete activities. Anytime infant to raid or do nightfall, I just go to the official app forums on the recruitment center. Post a message of the desired activity I need help with and bam in less than a minute I got a fire team ready to go. The community is very healthy in destiny. These people that question if anyone still plays destiny, need to come out to the sun more often and stay informed of current events in the gaming world

Ethereal1126d ago

Wait, I thought people hate this game? P.S. I picked it up and it is a vast improvement from the original release fixed every issue I had with the game. Looking forward to more Destiny in the future.

ninsigma1126d ago

Yep same here. All the problems I had were gone so I picked it up again and love it. Even got myself into a clan today so finally have people to regularly play with :D

cell9891126d ago

Raiding it's where the fun is at

ninsigma1126d ago

Only ever got to do vog once with random during vanilla destiny. It's great knowing that I'm part of a group who will don't he raid with me every week. Not to mention daily and weekly strikes and quests!

Haru1126d ago

The only people who hate this game are xbox gamers who are mad that Bungie left Microsoft and went to activision to make a Multiplatform game aimed throads the Playstation community with exclusive markerting and exclusive content for Playstation

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