What is there to do in Phantom Pain besides playing Phantom Pain?

Christopher Livingston:

"With 15 hours spent on Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, I'm sitting at a whopping 6% complete, which tells me I'd need a Fulton balloon the size of the Hindenburg to lift all the content out of this game. Naturally, I'm forced to ask the obvious question: besides a couple hundred hours of stealth, combat, base management, and story beats I can't even begin to understand, what else is there to do?"

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Unyoked1220d ago

This game sadly is just open world to be open world and once you get further in the game you also realize it is also quite repetitive

Roccetarius1220d ago

Indeed, this is the trap most games fall into currently. MGS V isn't the first to fall into it this year, so at least it isn't alone.

HaveSumNuts1220d ago

Missions might be repetitive but the gameplay has so much variety that the mission could be completed in many different ways. Ubisoft has been doing the open world stealth gaming thing for many years now but mgs5 for me is way better than any of Ubisofts open world games. Plus I don't have to climb to the top of a tower to actually unlock a portion of the map to view.

-Foxtrot1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Yeah. The side ops are mostly all the same and most of the main missions are just glorified side ops missions.

There's no dynamic elements to the open world. Hostages that need rescuing on your travels, ambushes, travelling merchants you can buy unique stuff from etc

Wouldn't mind travelling if there was some faster cars or even some form of air vehicle but there isn't.

I don't see why people are trying to say it's a perfect game when it's not. Among the cut content, the crappy open ended ending and the MT within the game.

goldwyncq1220d ago

Nothing about the ending was open-ended.

ion6661220d ago

If this was the case GTA 5 is the perfect game with a shit ton of variety.

KyRo1220d ago

Totally agree! MGS didn't need to be open world. I much prefer the open ended mission but progression into other areas like MgS4 over this open world rubbish. It ruined MGSV for me.

Vegamyster1220d ago

I thought Dishonored did a very nice job of offering a large level with multiple path ways, some of which were hidden very nicely, i'd rather have something like that then a dull generic open world.

3-4-51220d ago

Wait....So you mean this game isn't a 10/10 like all these fanboys and celebritizers have been saying ?

You mean Kojima is human ? Omg what a revelation.

According to N4G you'd never know that what with all the bending over and knee padding.

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Summons751220d ago

What do you mean what else is there to do? Do you have 100%, probably not and if you do you have done everything. Is your Mother Base maxed out? The sudden lynch mob for this game is ridiculous, can't face the fact that it's a great game. I have got the game at 50% and I have no regrets about anything, the story was great (though it could have had better pacing and the ending could have been a little more built up), soundtrack great, the open world worked perfectly with the MGS formula, Mother Base was fun to build. The servers are a problem but disconnecting makes everything smoother and FOBs are eh, mostly due to servers but also because it's very disruptive of the gameplay. Haters are just being hipsters because it's received high praise across the board and it's "cool" to hate something that is well received.

SuperBlunt1220d ago

Alot of the stingier websites are giving mgsv 100's. Isnt happening for no reason and as someone who has just reached the end (but hasnt played it). I cannot fathom how one could disagree

dmeador1220d ago

I think he is just asking the question "What does this open world game offer to make it feel alive"? Which I think is a valid one, and one that someone who hasn't bought the game (like me) are interested in hearing the answer to.

Summons751220d ago

The world is alive when it adapts to how you play. Go in at night there will be more flashlights and night vision, do headshots there will be more helmets. It's very much alive. People are expecting the deserts and Jungles of Africa and Afghanistan to be filled to the brim with people...these people that expect this clearly have never been to those areas or have much common sense. The open terrain is used for scouting and planning, there are patrols and animals that still wander. It feels very real especially when you get updates about fights and illnesses on Motherbase. These haters are demanding too much that can't possibly be done...what they want is to go to NYC and walk around in the real world and not play a STEALTH VIDEO GAME

Vegamyster1220d ago


Some of those things like helmets/flashlights/NV ect are staples of the genre, the difference being in this game that it happens quicker/slower depending how you play rather then it changing mission to mission so it doesn't exactly feel new/fresh, its just a little more attention to detail compared to other games. This is also a game where people ride around of Metal Walkers and has all sorts of weird things going on, i don't expect the open world to be perfect but they could have done more to make it feel interesting/alleviate the repetitiveness.

DarXyde1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Agreed. The game does not fall into the category of "open world to be open world". There is a TON to do. Not perfect, but the game might get repetitive if you're not feeling adventurous. People complaining have probably stuck with the mechanics that work for them instead trying the crazy amount of different things you can do. There's no one right way to do things. You can change your approach and that's one thing. Go find all of the wildlife, plants, cassettes, blueprints, etc.

This game is much bigger and methodical than they realize.

c316471220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Getting a 100% in game all depends on the player.When i look back at MGS4 i beat that probably 6 times and still never 100% that game but still feel like 100% game with the experience i had with it.

Its a matter of opinion if the player feel like they did everything they wanted to do. You don't have to 100% a game to feel like you did.

thricetold1220d ago

Having done two tours in the middle east I can confidently say your assessment of how populated and what goes on there is completely inaccurate.

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Clown_Syndr0me1220d ago

Played 20 odd hours and absolutely bored to death. If I ever want to play MGS again it will have to be Snake Eater, no way I'm revisiting this..if I ever muster up the stamina to finish it.

1220d ago
franwex1220d ago

How about simply having fun you guys? Look:

This game was not meant for everyone I guess...grumpy people not need apply.

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