More Bad News For Metal Gear Online PC: No Party Feature

Metal Gear Online PC seems to be getting the shaft once again: among the game tips revealed by Konami, there’s the one about the party feature which says:

If you join a party, you will be able to join the same match as the party members. You can access the Party Menu from the Freeplay environment.

*Party feature is available on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One platforms

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Rookie_Monster1542d ago

Wth? I PAID full price for the PC version and this is what we PC gamers get? I'll never buy another Konami game ever again.

Halo2ODST21542d ago

soo, it's YOUR fault for buying straight away, if you had any common sense you would've known that during these days, it is best to wait awhile, bad news these days, Halo 4 in general - everythinggg, Halo MCC Multiplayer Problems, Battlefield 4 Online problems, & so onn

Rookie_Monster1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

What does those games got to do with a feature omitting from a game? You could have used Uncharted Trilogy for missing online MP or Driveclub for missing replay and Weather at launch instead of modes that didn't work right away but was later patched and fixable. LoL

The fact is other versions have this mode that is excluded from the PC version is inexcusable.

LAWSON721542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Lol yeah it's his fault Konami kept these details to themselves until after the game came out.

He should have expected a random usually MP required feature excluded from the PC version of a game.

Seafort1542d ago

I really couldn't give a shit about MGO on PC. I got the game for the single player game not the tacked on MP crap.

So Konami can do or say whatever they like they'll be out of the videogame business soon enough.

Palitera1542d ago

"tacked on MP crap"

So much ignorance.

PhoenixUp1542d ago

Is the party feature enable on last gen platforms