(WGB) Mad Max Review – No Fast And Furiosa Joke Here

Baden of WGB: "Earlier this year Mad Max: Fury Road was unleashed upon the world and the world responded with nothing but love for its glorious action sequences that used real stunts rather than CGI nonsense. Sure, Max may have wound up being a mumbling sidekick to Furiosa, but it was a truly an amazing movie filled with visually spectacular, thrilling sequences. That presents a daunting challenge for any videogame bearing the name Mad Max. Video game adaptions of movies don’t have a stellar track record, so smartly developer Avalanche have opted to craft a game that takes place sometime before Fury Road rather than trying to follow or replicate the events of the film, granting them the freedom to expand Mark Miller’s postapocalyptic Australia a little bit more while escaping some of the stigma that comes with being based on a series of movies."

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