WWE 2K16 Will Be the Closest I Get to a Sports Game

Alex from GamersFTW writes:

“ October, WWE 2K16 will hit shelves and it’s been over a decade since I last played a wrestling game.”

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Maple221549d ago

These are really fun games to play and if this one has the same feature as the last where you can play through show story lines it will be great.

mikeslemonade1548d ago

Don't see why these games are even noteworthy aside from the big WWE big brand. There not many games more clunky and slow than this franchise.

Fridgecake1549d ago

I can remember wrestling games that were so good.making a wrestler who's 'finisher' was the chop or the big boot. Could never ko anyone like that

MrsNesbitt1549d ago

I really wish these games would go back to the smackdown v raw days! Great gameplay, but it's just become another conveyer belt of sports games. Big WWE fan but not of the games sadly :(

c00lvilKid691549d ago

Yeah, I’m not really sure how these games make me feel. You’re kind of right about the nature of conveyer belt sports games though...

Skellytorx1549d ago

My first wrestling game was WWF SmackDown! on PS1 and I really enjoyed it. Went on to guy SmackDown 2. My created wrestler was some weird punk zebra guy who was a wannabe Hardy Boy. Kinda went off wrestling games as I grew up though which is a shame. Might try a new wrestling game one day!

Yukes1549d ago

Sean Devlin - the Irish ginger nutter who's special just kicked people into submission - was my character of choice back on Wrestlemania 2000. What a classic game! He would have taken your Liam Neeson monk to the cleaners....

c00lvilKid691549d ago

That sounds like fighting talk to me! Haha!

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