Critical Hit: Why Fallout 4 Needs Harder Drugs

Owen Atkinson writes: "I believe dialling up the consequences and rarity of drugs in Fallout 4 will lead to a richer and more challenging experience. According to a recently published report by the ESRB, Bethesda certainly seem to be heading in the right direction."

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Anthotis1540d ago

"Challenging" is not what Bethesda are aiming for with their games these days. Especially with Fallout Of Duty.

Your ideas would be awesome, though. We'll have to wait for the modders to undumb down the game for us.

EazyC1540d ago

>Has good FPS mechanics, therefore it's a CoD clone.

Jesus. Christ.

Phoenix761540d ago

@Anthotis. Have you ever actually played a Fallout game before?

Simco8761540d ago

Yeah Fallout is so close to CoD man. Yearly releases and the same stuff rehashed everytime...oh and don't get me started on the multiplayer. What about that Fallout: Zombies mode? Total crap...

Oh and how about Fallout: Twilight Zone edition? Ridiculous!

SolidGear31540d ago

I think this dude has been doing harder drugs, lol

colegonzales0031540d ago

ohhh this poor guy must think hes in a different title. haha

try playing fallout on hardcore mode and then say bethesda isnt about making a challenge

terrible pun btw "Fallout of Duty"

Anthotis1540d ago

Hardcore mode was implemented by Obsidian.

Epic fail.

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