Spacetime Studios Launches Call of Champions

Today, Spacetime Studios launched their highly anticipated game, Call of Champions, a real-time competitive mobile MOBA (Mobile Online Battle Arena) that delivers fast-paced combat against anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

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Paulhammer1128d ago

It lost me at the word MOBA.

GrapesOfRaf1128d ago

Ya I'm getting sick of them too. It's too bad because I often really like the art work and characters.

MercilessDMercer1128d ago

Ah yes, the inevitable influx of mobile MOBA. I assume by this next year there will 100,000 of these

Digital_Anomaly1128d ago

Once upon a time I was interviewed by the BBC while at E3 and they asked me if I thought that mobile gaming was a threat to console/PC gaming. My answer?

Games on your phone or tablet are for when you're taking a shit.

I'll stick to my big screen and bigger games thanks!