Persona 5 Director Shares A Message About The Game’s Development And Delay

Persona 5’s Tokyo Game Show 2015 trailer reveal was a bit of a bittersweet moment for fans, as Atlus also announced the game’s delay. Persona series chief director Katsura Hashino shared a message for the fans in a video interview.

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Gemmol1129d ago

This is good, more time to work on Wii U Fire Emblem Megami game since it comes out in December in Japan, they could use this extra time to do the English translation and release it for North America in January, then go back to work on persona

never4get1129d ago

SEGA, Persona 5, PS VITA.
SEGA did spend a lot of money for Atlus.

vanity291129d ago

After chatting with the stream yesterday, we all came up with the fact that Sega is actually loaded with money. They are publishing Batman mad max and some lego games in japan already and are releasing a variety of Sega Ips this year and next.

zeuanimals1129d ago


I don't think Publishing someone else's owned IP in Japan really costs much money. Afterall, they didn't fund the development of the game. They're likely just handling localization, distribution, advertising, and support for the region which doesn't cost anywhere near actual development. Advertising might be the most expensive thing they're handling though, but still, not anything crazy.

vanity291129d ago

Yeah but the fact that they can release a bunch of their own games, plus publish those games means they are far from being broke. I remember when people said sega would collapse but i fail to see how. They even had enough to buy out Atlus.

Hold_It1129d ago

Fire Emblem x Persona.
There's nothing about SMTxFE that looks remotely like a SMT game. It's too colorful and happy to be SMT.

Gemmol1128d ago (Edited 1128d ago )

That's one of the main reason I'm more into it, I needed something less dark, plus there's good games out there that's not dark, I will still check person 5 out but the fire emblem shin Megami got my interest with being different

medman1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

Unbelievable. Another one bites the delay dust.

TwoForce1129d ago

Why is so big deal, man ? You do have a low impatient, don't you ? Play some games, or go outside to have some fresh air. Come on, a bit faith, will ya ? It sucks to wait but give the game more to polish.

jambola1129d ago

What a stupid reply
the game is delayed, that's a fact

TwoForce1129d ago

@jambola I understand what delay is. I know it sucks and we have to wait longer. But at least, give the game enough time to be polish.

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vanity291129d ago

Im glad they are taking the time to polish it after deciding to put in more content. They seem like they actually want to take advantage of the ps4 all while optimizing the ps3 still. I like this delay

Heyxyz1129d ago

I hate to say it because this hurts me more than anyone else but...I knew it! I've been saying it'll be delayed for months, and I was right.

vanity291129d ago

You got it right xyz, i was blinded. But you know that trailer was dope doe!

Heyxyz1129d ago

Yeah, one of the best trailers I've seen in a while!

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The story is too old to be commented.