PS4 Price Cut in Japan; Will the West Get One?

Sony announced today that the Japanese price of the PlayStation 4 would be dropping from 40,000 yen to 35,000 yen (tax not included). This goes into effect on Oct. 1, so expect some super-low sales figures between now and then, followed by a spike.

Get ready, also, for misleading bullshit headlines that say "PS4 sales increase 985% after price cut," because games writers will be comparing skewed numbers for the sake of incredulous stories. (Comparing numbers from immediately after a price cut to figures when everybody was holding off for the price cut is silly, but people will still do it.)

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Derekvinyard131548d ago

I hope so, wAs holding off on buying one because of sonys horrible fan problems that should be fixed in the new 1200 line. Even if it's $50 cheaper I'm buying it asap

SeanScythe1548d ago

Launch system and no problems with it's fans. Not sure where you get your info.

Derekvinyard131548d ago

I listen to my brothers console every night it sounds like a hair dryer. My friend sounded even worse, and I'm not gonna go on YouTube and provide countless links of people with that problem. Just search "loud ps4 fan" on Google

SeanScythe1548d ago

Yeah and my cousins burnt up because he left it on his bedroom floor with carpet. There's no telling how these people treated their systems in what cramp spots they stored them or how they transport them when they take them places.

Neonridr1548d ago

doubt it. Console sales in general are stagnating in Japan, so I see this as a means to try to boost sales over there. Sales globally however are doing fantastic, so it would be a huge surprise if they opted to slash already.

That being said, who wouldn't take a price cut? :P

OB1Biker1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Even if its not 'needed' for sales I think a price cut in the West would be just fair and probably will happen soon (maybe at PGW?).
I agree with the article about not only sites but companies comparing skewed numbers which is ridiculous.

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SolidGear31548d ago

Price cut would be irrelevant for me since I got mine in July. Technically only spent $250 since I got $150 taken off for trading my PS3 towards it at Gamestop.