RPCS3 – Most Promising PS3 Emulator – Video Shows Metal Slug 3 Running At Almost 60FPS

YouTube's 'Zangetsu'has released a new video from RPCS3 - the most promising PS3 emulator that is currently under development - that shows Metal Slug 3 running at almost 60fps.

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WitWolfy1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

Metal Slug.... You freaking serious??? Why not just play PSX games on this PS3 emulator too then while your at it? Seeing that these two things alone put so much strain on the PS3 to begin with...


chrish19901180d ago

Proof of concept would be my best guess.

freshslicepizza1180d ago

it's amazing what can be done on the pc yet multi-billion dollar corporations can't or refuse to.

uth111179d ago

@moldybread - wrong lesson learned there. The PC they are using has a processor that is at least twice as powerful as the PS4's and it's still struggling with a game that is not one of the most taxing ones.

This shows that the PS4 is probably not up to the task of emulating a PS3 in software at a decent speed.

donthate1179d ago

It is a combination of the software engineers skill and architectural decision done on the console to emulate another one.

MS did a great job designing the Xbox One multiple OS that is incredibly flexible combined with great software engineers they were able to do backwards compatibility.

Sony on the other hand has essentially ported freeBSD and just trasnplanted it onto the PS4. Build some tools on top and called it a day so it would take some majorly good engineers to make PS3 emulation possible on PS4. Sony doesn't have resources though, as they can barely push out a few features once a year onto the PS4.

"@moldybread - wrong lesson learned there. The PC they are using has a processor that is at least twice as powerful as the PS4's and it's still struggling with a game that is not one of the most taxing ones."

Which makes the Xbox 360 BC on Xbox One that more impressive and how hiring some of the best programmers in the world makes a huge difference.


"it's amazing what can be done on the pc yet multi-billion dollar corporations can't or refuse to. "

I'm assuming you are talking about Sony, and they just frankly do not have the resources to do this. Not from an engineer staff standpoint, but also the fact that Playstation division is beeing bled by Sony corp on the verge of bankruptcy.

abstractel1179d ago

Also, this is the cell architecture we are talking about. Emulating that, just getting a game, any game, to run is a feat of coding talent.

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1180d ago
Dasteru1180d ago

It is a proof of concept to show they have fully cracked Cell emulation. From here on it is mostly a matter of optimizing code.

It will probably be fully functional within 2 years.

Eidolon1180d ago

And a PS3 will be $150 or less. Define fully functional.

Null1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

No. Incorrect actually. The ps3 and all the games if you count Triple A ones especially first party(which this will be used mostly to play).. are mostly complex games that make use of a hardware available and even then some of those games have problems running. This emulator is playing a game that could be run on a second generation iPhone and is struggling to maintain 60 frames per second. If you think they're going to advance that fast within 2 years, you're being very unrealistic. For example the ps2/DS emulation has been out for ages now and it barely works properly. Do you honestly believe that a processor that has stumped devs and such to the point of not wanted to work with it from its beginning to its end.. would have been mastered by some guy in a fraction of that time? C'mon. To make matters worse, assuming this guy has top of the line PC hardware and struggling to run this iPhone game at 60 frames?(the current PC hardware has been stagnating for nearly 3-4 years now).

Dasteru1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )


You have no idea what you are talking about. It took both EPSXE and PCSX2 around 2 years from PoC to full release. PCSX2 has been fully playable for over 5 years and DeSmuME has been playable for 2-3 years.

I'm currently doing another playthrough of FF XII at 3840x2880 with 4x MSAA, 16x AF and full texture smoothing at a steady 60fps. My first playthrough of it at these settings was about 4 years ago and it played just as well then.

I did a complete playthrough of Pokemon Black 2 on DeSmuMe about 2 years ago.

This isn't 2005 anymore. Get with the times.

PC hardware also has not been stagnating for 3-4 years. We have had 4 generations of GPUs released in that time and Pascal is rumored to be releasing in Q1 2016. Pascal is reported by Nvidia to START at 8GB Vram on the low end (with a theoretical upper limit of 32GB) running at over 1TB/s bandwidth on Nvidia's new NVLink socket. NVLink btw also will allow up to 8 GPUs to be used at a time instead of the current limit of 4.

@Eidolon: Fully functional being major first party games at 1080p/60fps. 90% of the harder aspects have already been completed by this stage in a PoC.

Eidolon1180d ago

Well, we'll see, but I'm doubting it. I still don't see why anyone would choose this over a PS3, even PCSX2 a couple years ago had a some issues for me on my Ivy Bridge/Kepler Hardware, albeit runnable, but I'd still rather play on my PS2. PS3 has trophy support and 100% functionality and updates.

Studio-YaMi1180d ago


Could you perhaps share your PCSX2 version and settings for getting a "steady" 60fps,maybe also your nvidia control panel options too?

Cuz I have a 780ti(single),32GB of ram & an i7 4960X CPU(3.60GHz) and the games lag a LOT on most games.

Share you secret sauce with me old-wise-one?
Would be REALLY greatful!

Dasteru1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )


There is no "secret sauce". If you are getting a lot of lag on most games with that hardware then something is seriously wrong with the way you have it set up.

GTX 470
AMD Phenom II X4 965
8GB Ram

PCSX2 1.2.1
Bios = USA V02.00


Enable INTC Spin Detection
Enable Wait Loop Detection
mVU Flag Hack

GS = GSdx 0 (MSVC 18.00, SSE2) 0.1.16 [gsdx32-sse2-r5875]

(Use the SSE4 version of that GS for Intel CPUs)

Renderer = Direct3D11 (Hardware)
Interlacing = Auto
Scaling = 6x
Texture Filtering = Checked
Hardware Hacks = MSAA 4x, Agressive-CRC
AF = 16x

Control panel settings are all default.

FFXII runs rock solid at 60fps except during Basch's 3rd quickening, i have to change it to native res to get past that. Some adjustments in the speedhacks panel could probably fix it but it would most likely cause other issues. Not worth it imo.

Most other games that i have tried, also run perfectly. The only exceptions i can think of are MGS3 and GT4.

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Magicite1180d ago

PS3 is cheap and so are its games, I dont see reason for emulator unless it makes games look much better like PCSX2 did.

andibandit1180d ago

It makes sense once your girlfriend/wife starts rolling eyes whenever she looks at that stack of consoles on top of eachother.

Eidolon1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

I think it's is further off from conception(than PCSX2) to be able to do that stuff. PS3 doesn't take up much space.

donthate1179d ago

There is good reason for it, but wait a decade. Do you have a PS2 now?

But you can emulate PS2 games on PC. Inevitablly the hardware gets stopped making. In 20-30 years from now your grandchildren get to play PS3!

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TWB1180d ago

This is pretty impressive but theres still long way to go, no denying there.

But TBH, Im not sure how usefull PS3 emulation is going to be. Even greater majority of PS3 games are also on PC than from the PS2 generation. Its still cool that somebody is working on a functional PS3 emulator, maybe it will be great years from now. PS3 afterall is the most complicated one to emulate.

PCSX2 has come a long way and its packed with features and has a 95% game compatibility rate.