Xbox One Getting Officially Licensed Star Wars Episode 7 Controllers, Images Inside

Star Wars: Episode 7 will be releasing later on this year in cinemas, but you be a part of the magic and feel the force (or vibrations) way before the old bints Han, Luke and Leia reunite to fight a new evil.

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SaveFerris1179d ago

I'm sure some Star Wars fans who have an Xbox One will snap these up.

Concertoine1179d ago

I'll bet all my money that this is the case.

XBLSkull1179d ago

All good until I read this:

"However, it’s not exactly the same as a regular gamepad. Instead of the somewhat small palm handles, the Star Wars gamepads are more along the lines of the PS4’s DualShock 4 with elongated handles."

Yuck, i'll stick to the elite controller in october thank you very much!

Black0ut1179d ago

Me too. That'll make 5 controllers...

Please.send.halp XD

Immorals1179d ago

Please note guys; said it before on a previous posting, but check out the reviews on this manufacturers previous controllers. Made of cheap plastic and feel second rate.

Save your money and just get a skin off ebay!

DarthJay1179d ago

Not interested in wired.

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