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Since Metal Gear Solid released, everyone has been going crazy over it, including New Gamer Nation. New Gamer Nation doesn’t consider ourselves experts, but we have made plenty of discoveries that have made playing a million times better. Many of these tips are simple and quick. Some will save you time, some may save your life. Check them out and see if there were any you didn’t know. And don’t worry there are NO SPOILERS in this post.

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phoenixwake1544d ago

As a noob who's only about 8 hours into the game....TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!

Pintheshadows1543d ago

When you get them, decoys are your friend.

SilverClock1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Half the battle is just learning at what distances, light levels, and what crouching/prone positions the enemies respond to with certain actions. For example using your prosthetic arm to make a noise from less than ~13-15m away from a guard will always force them to look for you, unless they are a commander then they will send someone else.
In particular there are situations where a guard is beating up on a prisoner or they are about to shoot them. Making that noise can save their life. Even when you can't reach that guard easily, they will find a way to see where that noise came from and come to you.
Making the noise is very useful inside buildings because you can lure people from floors above or below you. I've taken out entire bases this way. It takes a while, but can be useful if you are near death and don't want to die and lose an hour of progress.
Just be careful. If they are on low alert then no matter how many heard you, only one will investigate. But if they are on alert, and you lure more than one, then any within that distance will come find you and systematically come at you at once. Just be wary of luring unseen guards, unless that is your intention.

franwex1544d ago

Hmmm...that's a good use for the water gun!

SilverClock1543d ago

It can also put out those bin fires from what I heard. I haven't got it yet though, sadly..:(