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It’s interesting to see that the latest in visual novel offerings from publishers like Idea Factory making their way to multiple gaming platforms recently, seems to be tapping into a wellspring of content that’s been well appreciated by Japanese tastes for quite some time now. New Gamer Nation uses the word tastes here in place of gamers because New Gamer Nation hesitates to classify visual novels as games because aside from prompting the user for a simple button press to keep speech bubbles reloading with new text, or loading a new cut scene, there usually isn’t much in the way of interactive features that are more commonly seen in a typical video game. The visual novel genre is also splintered off into different sub-genres with some featuring more, and some featuring less game type mechanics than others, but they typically offer the player an immersive narrative experience giving the player some control over the actions of the main character, ultimately shaping the direction of the story and offering multiple endings, usually with the best, or happy ending being the ultimate reward.

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