PS4 Exclusive Gravity Rush Remastered: Watch 16 Minutes of Gameplay, See How Much it Was Improved

If you loved Gravity Rush, you’re in for a treat with Gravity Rush: Remastered.

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freshslicepizza1548d ago

looks very nice, i would much prefer playing this on the ps4 than the vita.

medman1548d ago

That's the point really...I know vita owners are disappointed, but the game would be limited on the vita. Much more for developers to dream for on ps4.

3-4-51548d ago

I own a Vita and not a PS4. I never played the original but I understand the move.

They want to expand the audience that gets to experience this IP.

It's limited on the Vita, as less people own a Vita than PS4.

KOIMOJO1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Not only is it limited on the vita because of the install base, but certain kinds of games dont play very well on handhelds. I got the platinum in Gravity Rush on vita and love the game, but the beautiful world is hard to appreciate on a handheld screen. Even the beautiful Vita Oled. kats model is very small and the camera is very panned out so the lower resolution really muddles the game.

I wish from the beginning sony wouldnt have advertised the vita as a console game player. Nintendo does it right with the way the design their handheld games. Games like pokemon, fantasy life, animal crossing, bravely default and others all take advantage of more chibi styled character models and less poly heavy/texured worlds and those things work with the smaller screens at lower resolution. Action heavy games are also a bit difficult to control with the small vita sticks, at least they are for me. That could just be my large fingers though. I just wanted to mention this because people rarely do.

So basically as much as I feel bad for Vita only owners because this series is a wonderful exclusive, I can't deny i'm happy to see Kat in a world she deserves. Still crossing my fingers for some great vita games in the future though. Things like world of final fantasy has me excited. I'm hoping square sees money on the vita and goes that route!

TomatoDragon1548d ago

this game was excellent on the Vita, and I'll gladly double dip for the ps4 version.

Chaos_Raiden1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Spectacular. Will definitely get this and Gravity Rush 2. Bluepoint Games are awesome in porting games to HD.

DigitalRaptor1548d ago

It is indeed. Bluepoint are amazing at what they do.

I will show my support for this remaster, and Gravity Rush 2 looks like one of the best games of next year, so I can't wait to see more of that gorgeous game. So glad Sony decided to make GR one of their first-party priorities.

Krakin11548d ago

Looks awesome but the guy playing sucks

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