Register to get hands-on with PlayStation VR at EGX

As announced last week, EGX 2015 will be the first place UK gamers can demo PlayStation VR (formerly known as Project Morpheus).

To experience PlayStation VR, you will have to reserve a specific day and time slot at the show, to minimise queueing and avoid disappointment.

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TLG19911547d ago

can't wait to try this next week. fingers crossed i get a slot booked.

Perjoss1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

The link was broken when I tried it just now

edit, didnt work in Chrome, works in Firefox though.

Zichu1547d ago

I managed to get registered, but no events pop up. Just says 2015, Check back for more upcoming events.

Zichu1547d ago

I'm really looking forward to EGX. It will be my first ever expo, so I'm not sure what to expect from it. Going to see if I can get a time slot for this.

Kran1547d ago

This will be my 6th EGX (Eurogamer)...

Expect lots of queues, high prices on food and many opportunities to win stuff you'll never get :P

..... and lots of games, lots of possible merch that looks amazing and if you're very very lucky, meet some celebrities. Nolan North was at Eurogamer once AND I BLOODY MISSED HIM!!! AND HE WAS AT A STORE IN THE EXPO THAT I WAS JUST AT 10 MINUTES EARLIER THAT ITME!

Zichu1547d ago

Well, I was thinking of taking some food and drinks with me, just in case. Mainly something to snack on while walking around.

In terms of queues, how packed can the indie games get? I can understand with some of the big hitters, especially this year with Star Wars Battlefront, Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed, etc.

Kran1547d ago

Obviously the big games have massive lines. I once spent 2 and a half hours to try out the Wii U when it was being shown. 2 AND A HALF HOURS!

Indie games are much shorter. Sometimes there's no one on an indie game, maybe you just have to wait for the person on it right now to finish, some devs even invite you to try their games.

Zichu1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

I guess I will have to see how it goes then... I'm only going for the day, so I want to make sure I do as much as I can during my time there. From the AAA's, I have to try out Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Battlefront, Mirror's Edge, Tomb Raider, TLoZ, The Division, and maybe a couple of others. I might have to prioritize some over the others if the lines get stupidly bad...

Also, how is the atmosphere over all when you're there? How friendly is everyone?

Kran1546d ago

Oh it's a great atmosphere. I very very rarely hear about anything bad happening at EGX. Only time I have is when there was a vlogger being very sexist when going around the convention.

But everyone's friendly because they also know everyones being friendly because they're in an environment of something they love.

I'm going for all 4 days so I have pleanty of time. Let me know if you get to all those games. Slim chance you will, you may miss a few in the end but hey :)

Zichu1546d ago

Thats awesome :D

Im just going to try out as much as I can. If I enjoy it, might get the 4 day pass for next time.