Konami convinced PES can catch up with FIFA

Konami says it is closing the gap between its PES series and EA’s football blockbuster, FIFA.

Speaking to MCV, the publisher said it wants to be the industry leader in terms of soccer titles.

Reviews for PES 2016 are now out, with critics praising the title.

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ArchangelMike1543d ago

well, Konami have to say that don't they, but we all know that the mighty EA won't just let go of their iron grip on the football franchise.

Zenith4k1543d ago

Unfortunately in my own opinion Fifa has been repetitive for the last few years where as pes since 2014-15 have caught up and have surpassed Fifa playing both new demos has conifmed for me pes is better no two matches are the same and playing 2015 the way the ai adapts to your play always brings a new challenge

Ginpachi-sama1543d ago

Fifa is like cod same shit every year same engime but they never managed to make a perfect game after all those years

3-4-51542d ago

As far as things go, with PES 2015, PES has passed Fifa.

Fifa 16 could be better, but from the gameplay I've seen PES looks a bit better.

Both will be good games though, as you really can't go wrong with either.

KingPin1543d ago

honestly speaking, i hope this guy means catching FIFA in sales coz when it comes to the actual game, i think PES has FIFA beat.

caseh1543d ago

That sadly doesn't mean anything without official licensing. Most people want to play as their favourite teams and players, sure you can probably edit on PES but FIFA has all that out of the box and that's what most people want.

StanLee1542d ago

I agree. Where Fifa remains better is in licensing and presentation. PES has definitely gotten better on the pitch but man, the presentation is lacking. This isn't 2007!

KingPin1542d ago

if people are saying a game is better coz it has licencing, they are wrong. its like saying need for speed is better than burnout because NFS has licenced cars.

PES has superior gameplay and an overall better football experience.

caseh1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )


"if people are saying a game is better coz it has licencing, they are wrong."

You missed the point and that isn't what I meant. If someone is a football fanatic, they want all the intricate details, accurate rosters, real players etc. This is why people will buy it every year, it isn't because it's a brand new game that's been completely overhauled, it's because it has the latest detail that accurately emulates the structure of existing leagues and teams.

It isn't the 90's anymore and the 'better' game rarely wins over the game that contains the content that people want.

Pintheshadows1542d ago

This year, I have to agree. This is the best I remember PES being since 5.

1gamerON371543d ago

I stopped long ago to buy any of the two games ..... every year $ 60 ...WTF ...just for few transfers ...WTF....????
But PES as a whole is much better game, there is not same situation, there is not the same match. But excuse me ... Konami the same game you sell all these 7 years !? Do not bother ... better every year we pay $ 10 for the new names in the teams and we play the same PES 20??

Summons751543d ago

Konami delusional that they still matter to gamers after treating us and their employees like crap.

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The story is too old to be commented.