Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Hands-On Gameplay Impressions by Fextralife

Fextralife had a hands-on gameplay of Bloodborne The Old Hunters, and details impressions from their first sit down with the Bloodborne Expansion. The story includes details of new weapons, and bosses, pictures of the demo boss and off-screen gameplay footage.

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kdmitchell_toh1128d ago

Lucky dogs, getting to play this early.

Fextralife1128d ago

<3 I'll have a go at the other two classes tomorrow and add more details :D

b3ast1128d ago

Awesome Fex can't wait :-)

Unyoked1128d ago

I want to play already

cyber_daemonx1128d ago

Lucky so and so lol.

Now this is how to do dlc. Looks great.

DigitalRaptor1128d ago

Damn.... this generation's greatest exclusive game just keeps on giving.

Can't wait to play this in November. The holiday lineup is looking great.

man-of-bats1128d ago

Thats cool they have new classes but sucks if you have to make a new character