Telltale Games Announces Arrival Of Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1

The release of Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 1 was announced by Telltale Games recently. October 13 is the date when all you Minecraft fans will be able to play your favorite games. The developers have guaranteed the gamers that the game feels like the original series of Minecraft, although it carries a distinctive theme.

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5yb5n6u1542d ago

loved telltale and their easy trophies.
can i play this without any knowledge about minecraft's lore?

Spenok1541d ago

Well, considering there really isn't any "Minecraft Lore" yes.... yes you can lol. Minecraft doesn't have a story, which I think is kind of why they decided to work with Telltale to do something like this, as they didn't want to officially implement one into MC, as it's sort of about creating your own story.

The7Reaper1541d ago

Build, mine, walking skeleton shoots arrow at you kill it then kill zombie then watch out for exploding green thingy and giant spiders and fight big black dragon when you have enough eye ball thingys, there just summed up the entire Minecraft lore for you