Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness Hands-On Preview (PSLS)

"I began Star Ocean 5 being talked at by some dude while I could freely run around — but only to a point. You know how sometimes there’s an invisible wall blocking your path? Well, kids, this is the new generation and we’ve got new technology. Instead of an invisible wall, a red glowing line will appear on the ground. The future has arrived, and it’s a red line on the ground, past which you temporarily cannot run." -PSLS

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knifefight1126d ago

Hopefully it's a little more like 2 and a little less like 4.

feraldrgn1126d ago

Can't wait, I also hope it's less like 4.

Aceman181126d ago

Star Ocean is always a purchase for me.

SaiyanFury1126d ago

RPGs tend to be well over 40 hours and the developers cannot spend a boatload of time on worrying over what every little blade of grass looks like. As well they're not like western game developers who are often more concerned with graphical prowess than gameplay.

Lonnie181126d ago

Star Ocean is my favorite back in the day rpg, especially Star Ocean 2. I always buy them and am never disappointed.