Going face to face with The Last Guardian


The Last Guardian, Sony's almost mythical exclusive that's been in development since 2007, didn't make an appearance at the platform holder's Tokyo Game Show press conference on Tuesday, but it has found its way on to the show floor at the Makuharai Messe. It's not, though, what you might have hoped.

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medman1540d ago

I want this game. Now.

StrawberryDiesel4201540d ago

This game really looks unique. I have a feeling it may be a legendary masterpiece that silences all the doubters.

Bathyj1540d ago

Is it just me or does the graphics look much improved. It hard to tell with the quality of being off screen of a projector, but the lighting and animation look spectacular.

Krakin11540d ago

Why do I want to cry every time i see that bastard???

WeAreLegion1540d ago

Because you know you'll be crying like a baby by the end of the game.

SynestheticRoar1540d ago

Looks awesome. Can wait to play it.