PS4 Exclusive The Last Gurdian’s Giant Trico Is Adorable as He Interacts with the Crowd at TGS

Sony Computer Entertainment has brought a very interesting attraction at Tokyo Game Show. Basically, on one of the walls of the PlayStation booth, the image of the Trico from The Last Guardian is projected, but that’s not all.

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Justiceleague1550d ago

Sounds like this game is going to be emotional and Epic at the same time just like Shadow of the Colossus

alti1550d ago

I didn't find SoTC very emotional. It was all about the visuals and gameplay for me. I honestly don't remember much at all about the story.

Justiceleague1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

You need to replay it then and I never said very emotional I said just emotional and epic

alti1549d ago

That's still being emotional ('emotional' and epic). I played it when it came out, so, sorry to say, especially with its incredibly limited dialogue, the story was not memorable to me. At least not like a decade later. The only story I remember from 10 years ago is FFX.

I think it's a disservice to its masterful game design to harp on an otherwise nonexistent story, and to pretend like it was at all on the level of its incredible gameplay (would use the term game design, but then some troll would tell me story is a part of game design).

To me, the story of SoTC was as involving as a Mario game. We get the premise, but we're left to the gameplay for the lot of the experience. And I think, without reservation, that it's the game design that immortalized that game. If I asked you what the emotional story of SoTC was, you'd struggle to form an explanation longer than this rebuttal.

uth111550d ago

Thats a huge screen! Is it rear projected?

triple_c1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

That creature is already capturing everybodies emotions just by being on a projector. Now imagine what's going to happen when people play the full game. The Last Guardian is definitely shaping up to be a masterpiece.

italiangamer1550d ago

Well said, tears will flow like rain ;(

Charybdis1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Looks awesome now imagine that with Playstion VR instead of just a big screen

Ginpachi-sama1550d ago

Xbots are already trying to sneak on the disagrees smh pathetic

triple_c1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

I usually don't pay attention to the agrees or disagrees that I get. I usually post comments and keep it moving. The only time I notice them is when people respond to me and I noticed when Italiangamer responded to me I had 0 agrees and 2 disagrees. You can't even express excitement for an upcoming video game without people getting emotional about it an slamming that disagree button since it isn't on their platform. I agree, it is pretty pathetic..

Ginpachi-sama1550d ago

Welp i cant blame them cuz the ps4 game library is like what 4x bigger than the xbox one's library let them point their anger at the disagree button while we PlayStation owners get buried under all these new games that will never stop increasing

Godmars2901550d ago

The difference is being excited for a game, and coming off as being more exited for sales. Like the only thing that will make the game worth owning is if it sells millions rather than finding it interesting and fun.

Sitdown1550d ago

The interesting thing is that you are trying to call out "xbots" when you have no proof of who is hitting disagree. Sometimes people do it in error, and other times people do it just to get a rise out of people. Here is a thought, it could be a PlayStation fan who does not agree with the article, so in turn didn't agree with the post.

Kal0psia1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

The fact that he tried so hard to make it seem like it's a severity of disagrees shows his failure to even notice barely any disagrees compared to agrees so far. Go to a positive Xbox article then comeback and don't tell me this site does not favor PS4 more. He deserves my disagree for being the first to even mention "Xbots".

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