Mirror's Edge Catalyst Collector's Edition Release Date, Pre-orders Live


"Pre-orders for the upcoming release of the Mirror's Edge Catalyst Collector's Edition have kicked off on PS4, Xbox One and PC at Amazon!"

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NerveGearneeded1541d ago

One of only a few Parkour games, has a Character statue sitting...

Kalebninja1541d ago

Lol wtf? I got the fallout 4 pipboy edition for cheaper than this. They are insane for asking this price.

SavageFlamingo1541d ago

What most people fail to realize is that if you go into a comic book store, statues like this go for $100-$300. So, in my opinion, it's a pretty fair price.

Kalebninja1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

Oh no, I've seen those especially on Crunchyroll with it's $60 chibi statues. They are overpriced for small static objects.

hellothere19771540d ago

In all fairness, you fail to realize this statue is made by the assclowns who were commissioned to make the Collectors Edition Arkham Knight Batmobile...a product so bad, WB quality control cancelled last minute and likely burned to remove all traces of its existence.

To this day, they have not even revealed how shoddy that product was to the thousands of people who ordered it.

Yeah, TRIFORCE quality is a freaking joke.