Super Mario Maker Now Features Over 1 Million Courses

GS:" Super Mario Maker, the latest game starring the popular Nintendo character, is setting out to be one of the more popular Mario games ever released. The game has been made available for around one week in all regions and it seems like players have fully embraced the game’s stage creation features, judging from how many courses are now available for the game."

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FallenAngel19841180d ago

That didn't take long. That's like a lifetime of Mario levels

3-4-51180d ago

And THIS is why Nintendo stated they will be deleting bad courses.

It's = to listening to the 2 minutes demo from some random dude in his room making music that is just a throwaway song, but posted it anyways just because.

^ Nothing wrong with it, and it could be better.

1 million way even 100,000 of those are even any good.

Still it's awesome to think that people will have basically endless mario levels to create for the next 1-3 years.

italiangamer1180d ago (Edited 1180d ago )

WOW 1 million levels in 6 days O_O This sure is a hit for Nintendo, along with that awesome 8-bit Mario amiibo *_*

user99502791180d ago

dope tings. Got my copy yesterday from my lovely skwah. Was busy last night so didnt get a chance to play it, had to cram in some forza at the end of the night. Going to take a solid run at this tonight.

Came in a nifty little box with a graphic instruction manual of sorts. I like it.

FunkyGoron1180d ago

A million levels... where less than 1% offer the same enjoyment as a normal Mario game.

I love Mario Maker but I either find:
1) auto play courses
2) insanely difficult courses due to enemy placements
3) difficult courses due to confusing array of doors and pipers
4) POS levels that take 5 seconds to finish

R00bot1180d ago

One percent of a million is still a lotta good levels, I just wish Nintendo would adjust the sorting options to help find those levels.

FunkyGoron1180d ago

I agree that there's a lot of good levels. I think on an average 100 Mario Challenge I star 1-3 courses per go (out of 16).

@Summons75 - I kind of agree with you, but I usually star the ones that imitate or feel like a real Mario level.

That's probably not fair but I played a level that was so short you could see the flag pole. The kicker was boo circles and circling flames and flying koopas (basically any enemy with a "path") being used in a way that created a pattern/path up and down and around the enemies to the flag pole.

Took like 45 seconds to move 2 screens, I starred that one.

Summons751180d ago

And that's where my star system comes in.

Auto plays - get a star if they are really creative, which a lot of them aren't but there are still awesome good ones.

difficulty due to enemy placement - This depends, if the level design is really good and the enemy placement in there to be tough but manageable then it gets a star

confusing courses - don't get stars, sorry but learn level design if I'm spending nearly the entire time trying to figure out where to go you failed in designing the level.

super short level - go with auto plays, if they are super creative and fun they get a star but again there are a lot that won't get them but a good amount that are fun.

desolationstorm1180d ago

I agree that it's hard to get into a flow because half the courses are nothing.

That being said I love the game and have uploaded 1 level. I take my time and have a few people run through my courses so I can tweak before uploading. Try to make simple path levels with hidden paths/short cuts.

deafdani1180d ago

All of what you said is true, but that doesn't stop the game from having a lot of great levels to play online. Just go to the "makers" section, and take a look at the courses designed by the featured makers. If you ignore the auto play courses, you'll find a lot of awesome levels to play there.


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desolationstorm1180d ago

Part of the issue is most of us are not game designers and it takes time to lay out a course and refine it. You really need to have friends play the course. If you make it, hard to play test when you know the whole course.

That being said I like to be able to easily beat my course after its complete. If you make a course which is really hard for the designer then you might have difficulty issues.

WeAreLegion1180d ago

Agreed. I have people test my levels. They range from horrible players to highly skilled players. I just want people to have fun, no matter how skilled they are.

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