TGS 2015: Why We Already Love Metal Gear Online | IGN

Metal Gear Online is the only competitive multiplayer game I can think of that actively rewards players for not killing each other.

I played my first round of the Bounty Hunter mode like I would any other team death match mode. I focused more on depleting enemy respawn tickets as quickly as possible, running around and firing a machine-gun like a madman. This did not work, because Metal Gear Online is smarter, better, and deeper than that, and I'm already in love with what I've played.

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Genuine-User1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

MGO is back, and better than ever. It looks incredible so far.

Justiceleague1543d ago

Looking forward to this next month

Sevchenko2111543d ago

Tactical one piece bikini babe-i'm done give it to me nowww!

Who1543d ago

Concerns about Cloak & Dagger (TSNE):

1. Marking the sneaking/cloaked players (how long does it last?) Is it like Monomania where it lasts a few seconds?

2. The stealth camo seems godly. Even the tranq gun is cloaked when shooting. Looks like they have Cqc ex as well? The downside is that they are extremely weak.

3. Shooting the defending players with tranqs: how will we know how much stamina they have left?

4. No timers for alerts?

5. Are both targets required for completion?

I wish they would've patched in a backstep in this game. Looks like everyone will be diving every which way. Other than that, it looks promising and I will give it a chance - watching this just makes me miss MGO2 so much more.

DoomeDx1543d ago

Ugh.. Cloak in online multiplayer games has never worked well.. Never.

They should stop this trend.

Allsystemgamer1543d ago

Yes it does. It works fine in halo. Always has.

BoxontheLam1540d ago

Someone never played TSNE...

DoomeDx1540d ago

GHTI and GLKDGSI are great games too.

Honestly though, what the hell is TSNE? Are you a very lazy typer of is the name of that game very long?

Just say the full name. Its hard to remember the short names of 3453454 games.