Current Known Issues for the New Xbox One Experience

Invites have been sent out to certain Xbox Preview Program users for the “New Xbox One Experience” (see the picture below for what the message looks like). It’s the shiny new dashboard, but beneath that “oooh” of rearranged features there’s a rather long list of currently known issues that you may encounter should you opt-in for the update. Read it below and then decide whether or not you’re game for the risk. (Get it, ‘game’? Never mind.)

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bOObies1125d ago

I was gonna DL ASAP...But, now I'm not so sure..

Charybdis1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

I wish the few brave xbox one preview members good luck, cant wait to try it out hope by then they will have ironed out all the bugs.

SirJoJo1125d ago

I opted out, no way I'm taking that chance. I'd rather wait till its tested by many first, I have too much games and apps installed and the thought of having to start from scratch again is a big no no for me.

user99502791125d ago

I dont know why you're getting so many disagrees, SirJo, because I 100% agree with you. Seems like a pile of risks not exactly worth getting the dash a couple months early. I have a huge number of games installed on my box. Plus I'm playing Forza 6 and Elite Dangerous which are on the list of games that could suffer issues. I'm not willing to risk any of it.

Not to mention with Halo 5 a month away, the mere thought of my box becoming a brick at this point is making me sweat.

I already opted in, so I'm pretty sure I'm in it for good, but I will try and reverse it when I get home. Stupidly skimmed through the potential risks.

Kingthrash3601125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

Well this isn't good news. But it's a beta, preview members signed up for this so it should be ok by the time it releases.
Glad the article pointed all these major bugs out so for the who can, can opt out if they want.
This is exactly what I don't like about this beta preview thing..the potential to brick your console or ruin your gaming experience for free, for the sake of a feature made for MS to make money doesn't sit well with me. It's a fun idea...but the money ms saves by using its customers and not it's own staff to find and iron out bugs themselves should go to the gamers. They should get games or points for xbl....something for taking this risk and testing for them. Thats my opinion on it anyway. I feel the same way about Sony too. They have started a beta thing like this and a few upgrades from them have been buggy....and even bricking consoles...I say pay me or reward me for the risks I'm taking for these companies. If they were giving consoles out for free to be tested by gamers then fine..but we buy these consoles with our own money and should be paid or rewarded for eagerly taking this risk for them.

AngelicIceDiamond1125d ago

Yeah its going Live to several users at once issues were bound to happen. Hope they get things up and running soon.

turdburgler10801125d ago

I am one of those brave few who will put my box on the line for the sake of benefiting the community. Worst case scenerio it bricks and MS gives me a new console. My only loss at that point would be the awesome bill murray sticker on top of the console.

Unspoken1125d ago

Honestly, you should never beta test/preview anything without understanding things may not go as planned.

If you are too vested into your console, phone, computer, car, house, etc... Don't modify it without knowing how to undue changes or come up with your own work around. The preview is to test a broader range of applications with feedback from users and debugging information from the consoles.

If someone wants to send me an invite to join the preview program pm me please. I had it for the 360 and wouldn't mind having it for the One.

Alexander1Nevermind1124d ago

Wow that's a crap load of issues. Might be wise not to update yet.

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Bigpappy1125d ago

Is it out for preview yet? If it is, that is a long list of issues to push out to preview members and should not be sent out in that state. If it is not out yet, then it is very possible most of theses could already have been resolved.

donthate1125d ago

This just shows how much works it goes into redesigning and redoing a dashboard underneath.

I'm sure MS knows what they are doing. This isn't their first time.

UnHoly_One1125d ago

I opted in last night and I'll likely be in the first batch of people to get it based on my feedback history.

I'm not too scared. None of the games or apps they listed with issues matter to me.

I'm willing to take one for the team. I just like having stuff early. :D

derrickgott0071125d ago

This isn't "News" nor will the 5000 posts soon to follow saying "So & So game doesn't work!" despite that game BEING LISTED IN THE NEGATIVELY AFFECTED part of the beta write up.

Ron_Danger1125d ago

It's as much news as all the pre-GamesCon articles about Sony being doomed for not having a press event. Game journalism is a complete mess now with any molehill becoming a mountain in the eyes of the game websites. As always, hits equal money, and controversy equals hits.

I miss the days when you could crack open a gamepro or Nintendo power and just read non-controversial articles about upcoming games without any negative comparisons or fishing/ flame titles.

derrickgott0071125d ago

Oh god you just made me really miss gaming journalism from the past, like EGM and Official Playstation Magazine when you would read them for the laughs and personalities.

Ron_Danger1125d ago

I loved OPM... Those demo discs each month were amazing

SniperControl1125d ago (Edited 1125d ago )

You guys just sent me back in time even further, i remember running(jesus running) to my local newsagents and grabbing my monthly copies of Crash and Your Sinclair, i used to read all the reviews while a demo from the cover tape loaded up on my Speccy.

Great and sourly missed days.

1125d ago
Paytaa1125d ago

Gamepro and OXM were the best. It sucked when Gamepro shut down. I miss reading loads of articles on all the new games before there was bickering because of a console war.

creeping judas1124d ago

What was the one for Commodore 64 called? I remember buying it, reading it, and at the back was always code for a game you program on your C64. Then save it to your tape to be able to play later on.

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slate911125d ago

Hopefully this deters people from downloading it so I can have this super fast buggy mess in the first wave :)

Eonjay1125d ago

Kinda like updating a PC a few years ago. Its a new OS.

Automatic791125d ago

Its a Beta and expected also its well detailed before downloading. Kind of like a warning on a door of an abandoned building stating "Enter at your own Risk".

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