The Japan Preview: 8/3 Edition (SC4 ~67k/~39k, Phan Star Port ~282k, etc)

VGChartz writes: "Lots of news this week. Rhythm Heaven Gold, DQV, and Phantasy Star Portable were the big DS/PSP sellers. Soul Calibur 4 and Fatal Frame IV were the top console sellers. Overall, sales for the top 20 games are up nearly 400,000 units from last week.

On the strength of new PSP and DS releases this week, software sales in the preliminary data total over 940,000 units. Phantasy Star Portable for PSP and Rhythm Heaven Gold for DS accounted for nearly 500,000 units alone, while the other 18 titles accounted for the remainder. On the consoles, Fatal Frame IV debuted to sales of roughly 30,000 units. Soul Calibur 4 debuted to slightly better numbers on Xbox 360, about 39,000 units sold. On PS3 Soul Calibur 4 sold about 67,000 units.

Key Points:

-PSP had the biggest release of the week, pushing its software total in the preliminary top twenty to over 300,000 units. DS software was still more represented in the top twenty though, 380,000 to 330,000 units.

-Soul Calibur 4 sales on 360 were rather strong compared to PS3. With less than a third as many PS3 owners in Japan, the Xbox 360 version appears to have accounted for about 37 out of every 100 Soul Calibur 4s sold.

-Depending on the boost 360 and PS3 get this week, it is possible that 360 could outsell PS3 in Japan next week when Tales of Vesperia releases.

Hardware Predicted Totals:

PSP: 72,000 to 82,000 unit range
DSL: 60,000 to 70,000 unit range
Wii: 35,000 to 45,000 unit range
PS3: 11,000 to 17,000 unit range
PS2: 7,000 to 11,000 unit range
360: 5,500 to 9,500 unit range

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