Digital Foundry vs Forza Motorsport 6

But going forward, we've been wondering: where does Turn 10 go from here? The developer seems to be pushing for the features that the fanbase wants, but in the case of variable weather and night-time driving, we could well need a fundamental shift in the underlying technology to get that absolutely right. It's hard to imagine that features like this - along with a truly next-gen damage model - could be accommodated within the existing engine, without some level of performance compromise: and that's exactly what we get in competing titles like Project Cars. We can't wait to see where Turn 10 chooses to go next, but we suspect that another jump in the volume of content alone isn't going to cut it.

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SirJoJo1550d ago

Impressive, can't wait to get my race on tomorrow!

freshslicepizza1550d ago

very impressive what they were able to do in 2 years and it's nice to hear they maintain a rock steady 60fps.

Me-Time1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

You don't need to add the 2 years and 60fps. The disagrees are intended to show dislike for the clear spewing of statistics made for obvious motives. And technically it's 4 years since the tech was known since then and FM5 wasn't even half of a normal (Forza) game. It was unacceptable for a full priced game. FM6, on the other hand, is an excellent showcase of a game developer's experience.

freshslicepizza1549d ago

2 years and 60fps is totally relevant because of what they are able to achieve. not too many games on the xbox one do that, including other racers on the xbox one. so yes it is impressive. plus it has night racing and rain which none of the forza games have had and 24 cars online which no previous forza games did either.

SirJoJo1550d ago

Wow, some seriously salty people in here. Disagrees for what? how sad!

Kal0psia1550d ago

Come on now, we all know what the disagrees are for. lol! Lets' just enjoy great games. :D

Viryu1550d ago

Can't watch it at work, someone give me a quick sum up please.

Sureshot1550d ago

Can't wait till you're home?

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cfc831550d ago

For compromises and selections that had to be made, i think forza 6 is a very hot racing game. I thought the dynamic weather system at 30fps on another game was first class, but an unwavering 1080/60, with 24 cars in a race is better imo. Right now i play on easiest mode to get quick spins(oh i kneowwwww), but when you get a couple of 1,000,000 credits and buy a 2,000,000 lotus, it's kinda worth it.

gamer78041550d ago

honestly for a track racer i'd just prefer us to be able to set the weather, and not be dynamic. dynamic works well for open world racers.

butchertroll1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

Sorry man, but dynamic weather is ALSO PREFERABLE in sim racers. Look at the PCARS and GT and Assetto Corsa.

Immorals1550d ago

@Butchertroll I'm sorry, but having aa 3 lap race suddenly start raining out of the blue is not 'preferable' in any way.

Go look at real racing, they know the weather and time and day way before, and they plan accordingly!

butchertroll1550d ago


LOL! You never saw, for example : in F1, suddenly it rained, then it rained only a few minutes and then stopped?

Yeah, you whatched race surely.

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The story is too old to be commented.