Three New Fallout 3 Screenshots

Strategy Informer has updated its Fallout 3 image gallery with three new screenshots.

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Bombibomb4359d ago

This screen shot looks so weird for some reason.

micro_invader4359d ago

What's so weird about a birthday in a post apocalyptic world? lol

Chronopath4359d ago

honestly. I think everyone should just give micro invader all the +agree's and bubbles. haha

Polluted4359d ago

Wow. That looks amazing already. I hope the draw distance is as good as Oblivion even with all the added detail.

jackr394359d ago

aren't they just screen grabs from the trailer?

Johnny_Cojones4359d ago

...and one time I fed it some beer. It was crawling this way and that, Fallout 3.

TheIneffableBob4358d ago

Am I the only one who thinks Fallout 3 is really ugly?