Destiny, Borderlands & other games may not work in the New Xbox One Experience Preview test

A range of Xbox One games, including Destiny: The Taken King, Skylanders and Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, may not work during the initial stages of the New Xbox One Experience Preview test, Microsoft has warned.

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GearSkiN1179d ago

Glad it's on preview so Microsoft can squash the bugs.

UnHoly_One1179d ago

Yeah that's a crazy list of issues.

I'm signed up to get it, so we'll see what it it unlike when it makes its way to me.

I'm a little scared now. lol

TheHaloGuy1179d ago

Right? Hopefully get the bugs sorted quick.

UnHoly_One1179d ago

Wow, thanks, autocorrect.

That was supposed to say "we'll see what it is like..."

Tedakin1179d ago

Gonna try it out, but definitely saving all my games to an external HD in case I have to roll back.

meche3341179d ago

When u roll back u dont need to delete everything but do it incase u have to delete everything

TheBrit1179d ago

Microsoft says that users can opt-out of the test at any time and revert back to the existing dashboard, but the process will cause their console to reset to default factory settings, erasing all locally stored apps, games, profiles, save games, settings and home Xbox associations.

Tedakin1179d ago

Yeah says in the FAQ if you rollback it resets everything to factory settings, so you lose everything.

l33t_haxx0r1179d ago

Yes I agree, this puts the xbox one way ahead of the ps4 in terms of not only software but graphical superiority as well. Well done microsoft

Ciporta19801179d ago

Finally a sensible person on her who has no interest in trolling.

Paleblood1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Anyone can dream I guess.

Magical secret sauce effects in action.

MCTJim1179d ago

Well this is why it's in a preview program

B1uBurneR1179d ago

Wow this preview program has more issue than an amateur android custom rom.

MS has less than 2 months to correct all these basic standard features on NXE Or else face another disappointing reception similar to the system launch in 2013.

B1uBurneR1179d ago

Oh is this where you go to turn a blind eye to the length of the list… Who really expected Forza 6 to have graphic issues with NXE even in test mode. The game just released this week.

GAMES FAILING TO LAUNCH: The following games may fail to launch:Destiny: The Taken King

Come on, If MS Is going to release a preview of their future UI then at least make your newest exclusive and hottest selling 3rd party game work without issue.

Live TV:
• Cable/Satellite set top box compatibility is not yet at parity with the current Xbox One experience.

XBOX ONE main selling points are not working in the preview NXE with no estimated time of repair other than the two months till in launches.

I know this has been worked from the ground up for the X1, this list makes it harder to vision the up part of it. If you are going to give gamers the options to opt-in to your NXE.. shorting your list of repairs to make it decent one, let’s not turn the XBOX One experience into a more worrisome one.

RzaDaRazor1179d ago

@Blu Then don't opt-in. See, was that hard?

Jmanzare1179d ago

It's a BETA for beta TESTERS. It's not the finalized product
.... Idiots

UnHoly_One1179d ago

This is why you have to voluntarily CHOOSE to take part.

And since they are only rolling it out to a small group of people at first, only the die hard testers will ever see it in this state.

If you want to complain about something, you're choosing the wrong thing.

B1uBurneR1179d ago

@RzaDaRazor & Unholy_One

I am apart of that first invite group. I am a die hard testers. I am part of the group that will see it in this state. I am eager to test it out,it is a hard pill to swallow under these condition and that's because the X1 is the center of my entertainment center for gaming, tv, and more.

I was waiting this weekend to buy Forza 6 and my friends want me to get into Destiny, now because I'm a tester that's just gonna have to wait and I like Live Tv.

I would expect some apps to be affected some new functionality to be affected but not basics. MS should know this is now way to roll out their next big thing. My boots are strapped up and I'm in.

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