Nintendo's new boss faces the most pivotal year in the company's history


One of the first things that Tatsumi Kimishima, the newly-appointed CEO of Nintendo, said in his new role is that "it's wrong to lead a gaming company on numbers alone." This is the kind of thing all Nintendo fans want to hear, of course, and yet here the sentiment seems curiously out-of-place. For Mr Kimishima, the future will be numbers and little else.

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Hoffmann1547d ago (Edited 1546d ago )

"it's wrong to lead a gaming company on numbers alone." This is the kind of thing all Nintendo fans want to hear, "

Hmm, the competition seems to be very successful with focussing on numbers/success though. Less humbug like businessmen acting like kids or game characters and instead more games by third party publishers would do wonders for that company.

Spotie1546d ago

To be fair, the competition isn't focusing on numbers ALONE. It just so happens that, with the way they're doing things, they CAN talk about numbers with no problems.

What Nintendo and their fans seem to think is that if you talk about numbers at all, that's the ONLY thing you care about. If you have third party success, that's ALL that matters.

That's not the case, but it's an all or nothing stance they take that allows them to not change a thing.

3-4-51546d ago

How do you know what all Nintendo fans "seem to think " ?

N4g_null1546d ago

The problem with numbers are the fact that mobile gaming has bigger numbers and is effectively replacing nintendo numbers. You see if nintendo doesn't make a difference then the new gamer transition to ps or ms stops. These new gamers become just phone gamers or hopefully pc.

You see ps gamers all use to be Nintendo gamers, then came the ps. Many are stickingwith ps just because that is what they are use to. What happens when tablets are what they are use to?

Sony doesn't have a youth market to farm from they all use nintendo for that.

Mobile will replace the ps brand in 10 years just due to tech racing forward. Ps will have to become a service. They will need 3rd party to stay with them. 200 million users that never really go away. That is going to be harder and harder to pass up as the power level rises in mobile devices.

Unless sony can make more popular franchises in house.

3-4-51546d ago

mobile isn't replacing PS brand or any brand.

I don't think you really understand how things work.

Mobile can't deliver a ton of stuff dedicated handheld,console & PC gaming can.

Mobile has terrible controls for games as well.

* Nintendo has entered the mobile market, but 90% of the money is going to the NX handheld & NX console.

The big 3 are is it's own thing.

N4g_null1546d ago

I totally understand where you are coming from. I feel like from 40 to 21 yes console will still be king but toddler to 16 they are on mobile.

A big component of console success is 3rd party. What happens when mobile gets better controls. Better graphics. What happens when an arm of nx makes this happen?

Sony should have a plan for this. Ms and Nintendo are following other routes. Gaming is changing and this time it's not because of sony. The ps generation is steadily growing out of gaming, yet still play mobile.

Nintendo was one of the missing links to mobile gaming. We will see how this plays out.

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Jag-T10001546d ago

He should be worried because the only thing coming out next year is Zelda. That is a whole year with one game! Yep, he should be worried.

BigDuo1546d ago

Zelda isn't going to be the only title out for Wii U in the future. There's Pokken Tournament and Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei (whatever the hell its name is now) as well. In addition, Miyamoto confirmed development of Pikmin 4 is close to being finished, and based on a comment he made back in November 2014, it sounds like it is for Wii U. Here's his comment on it:

"Continually launching campaigns after the release of software will lay the groundwork for the next iteration of Pikmin in the future.And needless to say, we want it to be one of the motivations for potential consumers to purchase Wii U. We are making a variety of different efforts."

Lastly, Retro Studios may release its new project next year for all we know. Nintendo producer, Kensuke Tanabe, said in 2014 that Retro Studios began working on a new title since some time in 2013, albeit in early development. In addition, back in April 2015, it was revealed that Retro has allegedly made a new game engine to use in their next title for Wii U. The game in question probably is not Metroid Prime 4, however. Kensuke Tanabe pretty much confirmed that during E3. He said that if Retro were to work on Metroid Prime 4 right now, then it would be a title for NX and not Wii U.

Movieworld1546d ago

So not a lot of games then? lol

Retroman1546d ago

Only thing Nintendo should worry about is Mass producing great games that's what gamers want.

not numbers