Introducing Karin and the Capcom Fighters Network to Street Fighter V

Posted by Peter Rosas on Sep 16, 2015 // Capcom, Community Manager

Hey everyone! Exciting news coming straight from Tokyo Game Show today! First off, the character that many of you have been waiting for to return to the Street Fighter series is finally back: Karin Kanzuki!

Two years ago, we held a worldwide character popularity poll to find out who the fans liked the most, and Karin came in 7th worldwide (1st when just looking at Japan results), despite having only appeared in Street Fighter Alpha 3. Today, we’re happy to reintroduce her to the series with a brand new design and play style.

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1549d ago
aerisbueller1549d ago

Knowing Capcom, the fighter's network will end up being a paid for subscription, and knowing Capcom fans, they will gobble it up and explain how great it is and how much worse it could have been.

Baka-akaB1549d ago

Or how about crossing that bridge when it's actually there ? Nothing indicaes that thus far , and if it happens they won't see a dime from my pocket for that kind of subcriptions . Just like we don't have to pay for COD and BF's stuff

1549d ago
takohma1549d ago

this is a straight up Lilli clone from SFxT. lmao wow. I guess they're running out of ideas for new characters.

Gohadouken1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

Uh ? You don't know much about Karin from SF alpha right ? And she'd actually be a bit closer to a Fei long variant , as a Rekka-style fighter , Nothing that plays Lili from either Tekken or SFxT ...

The fighting styles , mechanics , and moves dont even match up for both characters ... only some look inpired from Karin , Ingrid and a bunch of japanese tropes from mangas and anime

jetlian1549d ago

karin came out before lili

Baka-akaB1549d ago (Edited 1549d ago )

So Lili's moves focus essentially focus on using legs and feet , long range and reach and wall fighting .... and are often airborne for both specials and combos ... and pretty much uses a made up ballerina fighting style ...

Yet , somehow ... Capcom cloned here with a an essentially grounded and hard hitting fist user with counters , by using a look that existed over 10 years before Lili appeared , and a pretty universal fighting stance ... yeah right i totally see it

Majin-vegeta1547d ago

Karin debut-1996
Lilli debut-2005

Lol new gen gamers no nothing.

takohma1546d ago

I'm sorry guys I didn't know at first lol. when I told my buddy he ripped me a new about Karin being out first,lol. I take it back lol

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Erogemaster21549d ago

And then the nerds start damage controlling.

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