Metal Gear Solid V Has A Secret That Seems Impossible To Trigger


"Holy shit. Some of the stuff hidden inside Metal Gear Solid V is ridiculous."

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DarkOcelet1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

This is like P.T. all over again and it will take a good amount of professional badass (probably Asian level) players working together to do such a thing. And that's really brilliant from Hideo Kojima.

kratoz12091220d ago

ASIAN LEVEL.. HOW About Aussie level for once

SlightlyRetarted1220d ago

You guys are too busy catching animals in MGS5 to get anything done.

Ocelot: "What are you doing Boss?! Finish your mission!"

Boss: "Oh, crikey! Ocelot, look at the size of that king cobra! I'm going to catch that majestic beast!"

Alexander1Nevermind1220d ago

Asian level of BadAss...had a hearty laugh this morn

Thank u sir and Bubble up for funny.

Timesplitter141220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

It would be so damn interesting if it really happened if EVERYONE disabled their nukes. I've always wanted to do seemingly inaccessible stuff like this in my games.

It also really puts you in the shoes of someone who is responsible for nukes. It shows how advantageous nuclear deterrence can feel, despite being wrong. And it makes the player realize this directly through game mechanics, instead of just mentioning it through cutscenes.

Really interesting

garrettbobbyferguson1220d ago

"This is like P.T. all over again"

But according to the headline, it's 'impossible' to trigger. So therefore, it's nothing like PT because PT could actually be triggered.

benji1011220d ago

It says dispatch mission.

Dragonking0071220d ago

So I think I know what it is how to trigger this you see wen you can obtain s rank on all the missions even without completing every task im guessing by completing every task for every mission you get to trigger it

hugogs1220d ago

People have already done that, thats not what it triggers the cutscene.

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WitWolfy1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

Cant a PC dude like fluke the game to play the cutscene regardless? There must be a save game editor for MGS V out there somewhere... I highly doubt anybody wants to go through all this effort for a 30 second FMV.

Hold_It1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

@Wit. Right? Shout out to Kojima's Army on the prowl.
"The game is perfect"
"Even IGN gave it a 10/10"
"Open world is the meat of the game"
"You don't play MGS for the Story"
"This is the best MGS game made"
"The ending was so powerful"
"You're not a hero Konami, you're just a villain"
"Evil Konami and their cut content"
"Mission 51 was cut content"
"The attention to detail is what matters man, you have to look at this as a new IP/ Not a MGS game"

Sorry but 30% completed assets and proof of concept renders aren't cut content. That's like saying concept art for MK characters are cut content because those costumes aren't in the game.

Kojima gives fans the biggest f__k you he could for an ending, and fanboys act like the Mother Base soldiers after being punched in MGS V. "Thank you Boss".

Also none of the 80M dollars went towards the Fox Engine, it was finished before MGS V, and once a studio creates an engine they don't have to pay to use it.

MGS V The Phantom Pain has Metal Gear Solid in the name. It's part of the main series and is canon. It had a lot to live up to and it didn't. Would have been better if it was a new IP.

SuperBlunt1220d ago

I bet you'd have been happy if hayter was in huh?

Hold_It1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

@Superblunt. I originally didn't like hearing Kiefer in Ground Zeroes , but I eventually got used to his voice. I don't dislike the voice acting in the game or lack of dialogue. I dislike the fact that we didn't get major questions of the series tied up, and that the story felt like an afterthought.

The "Story Missions" of the game just felt like Side Ops with cutscenes and credits that spoil who/what you were going to be fighting.

The characters in the game with the exception of Quiet didn't seem to have any development what so ever. It's pretty bad when characters that hardly speak and can't speak have more development than characters that can.

There was really only two boss fights in the game if you think about it in terms of a MGS game. You had Salanethropus and Quiet. Fighting the Skulls just felt like you were fighting armored soldiers.

We also don't get codec conversations/calls either, just cassette tapes that imo are more interesting than the main game.

The game rewards you for playing like Rambo. In the other Metal Gear Solid games if you ran around with LMG's, Rocket Launchers, etc, you didn't live long at all ,and you soon realized that you cannot play the game like that. I know there were parts in the other Solid games where you had to shoot your way out of a situation, but that was scripted like when you shoot your way out of the prison with Meryl in MGS 1.

The attention to detail is cool and what not, but it really doesn't help the fact that the story is what you play the series for, and this is the last game Kojima is making and the only thing he wraps up/answers is "This is why Big Boss was still alive in MG2", and "This is why Venom Snake hardly speaks" is garbage. You can't take a series that is known for its story and have that be the biggest problem wrong with the game and still give it a 10/10 or a 9/10.

That's like saying Michael Bay's films have no plot but you know his explosions automatically make the movie a 10/10.

Plus Kojima didn't even create Grey Fox.

jznrpg1220d ago

I am not sure that this game was planned to be the last to tie up everything. Kojima was notified/fired more toward the end of development.

MysticStrummer1220d ago

"the story is what you play the series for"

Don't speak for everyone. I've played and still own them all, including a disc out of some magazine with the PS1 MGS1 demo on it, and I always played the series for the stealth gameplay against the distinctive and entertaining AI. I enjoyed the overall story for the most part, though MGS4 went way overboard with the movies and MGS2's story was very up and down, but I'm loving this game. They are two very different games, but the more I play the more I'd put this in a tie with MGS3 for the best of the series. MGS4 and MGS1 would be tied for second in my view, while MGS2 is the clear last place, again imo. Haven't played Peace Walker but I plan to since it's on sale this month.

"The game rewards you for playing like Rambo."

That's not really a criticism, but a compliment. Kojima has been trying to include action in these games for awhile, going back at least to MGS3, with mixed results. He wanted people to have true choice when they approach each situation, and this game succeeds at that amazingly well. The controls feel good whether you go stealthy or loud, and various weapons, items, and buddies can all make the game feel very different depending on how you want to play.

"I know there were parts in the other Solid games where you had to shoot your way out of a situation, but that was scripted"

The personalized action that happens in this game is better than any scripted event, in fact I just watched a discussion about that very thing… they said instead of set pieces, this game puts it all in the world and the set pieces can just spontaneously happen, which they do quite often. Ask anyone how they got past some random part of the earlier games, and they'll all say pretty much the same thing. Ask people how they got past a random mission in this game and you can potentially get some wildly different stories.

The story in this game, sparse though it definitely is, is easily better and more interesting than any Michael Bay film.

I don't think any game is a perfect 10 personally, they all have flaws somewhere, but this game is well over a 9 in my book.

All just my opinion, and for the record I didn't click disagree. I'm just very interested in how people are reacting to this game. Peace and good gaming.

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