Final Fantasy Agito+ for PS Vita cancelled

Square Enix has ceased development of Final Fantasy Agito+ for PS Vita, the publisher announced on Twitter.

A reason for the cancellation was not provided.

Final Fantasy Agito+ was first announced last year. It was scheduled to launch in January, but was delayed due to problems within the PS Vita development environment.

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PhoenixUp1543d ago

Way to kick the Vita while its down Square Enix. You were the chosen one!

jon_snow1543d ago

Actually Square Enox announced 2 vita exclusive rpg. So they are alright in my books.

WalterWJR1543d ago

Is this the mini one that was announced at e3 or is that a different game?

Protagonist1543d ago

Different game, this was a mobile game set in the universe of Final Fantasy Type-0.

Iltapalanyymi1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

oh goddammit i was really looking forward to play this on my vita... time to get the PC version now i guess..

gokuking1543d ago

PC version has likely been silently cancelled too.

Iltapalanyymi1542d ago

that would be horrible ;3;

Lionalliance1543d ago

Well, considering the Mobile version gonna end their services, it wouldn't surprised me if they canceled this.

Irishguy951543d ago

All this vita news lately, I won't be buying a Sony handheld again. What a mistake haha. Although for what few worthwhile games that were on it, they were good. Gravity rush in particular.

_-EDMIX-_1543d ago

Not sure what you mean, lots of Vita exclusives where actually announced at TGS. I might be looking to get one soon to help myself at some of those JRPGs.

Irishguy951543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

For the west too?

I admit I wasn't paying much attention...have only seen negative news...

brb, any cool looking ones in particular edmix??

_-EDMIX-_1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

13 Sentinel Aegis Rim (done by the Odin Sphere, Dragon's Crown team, likely coming to the west as most of this teams work comes to the west)

Project Setsuna

SaGa Scarlet

Thats only coming to PS Vita too ,the SaGa series has come to the west many, many times, this game very much has a chance of coming here.

DQ builders is confirmed coming to the west for Vita too.

Plus you have World Of Final Fantasy and lots of others. Lots of those titles are very likely to come to the west (if you consider some of them where announced at E3 like Project Setsuna)

wow forgot some.
(Final Fantasy Adventure remake)

and this

and this

For get that was coming to PS Vita too.

Also coming to vita

A lot of titles coming to Vita.

donwel1543d ago

Problems with the Vita development environment?
I don't think the Vita is particularly difficult to program for, in fact it's relatively easy from what I hear.