Sony: We Don't Need the Senior Citizen Gamers

Sony Computer Entertainment America's Scott Steinberg has told that the company has no desire to mimic Nintendo's strategy to hook in the older demographic of people who have never played videogames before - because by getting PlayStation 2 users to upgrade to PlayStation 3 will give them a "hands-down" next-gen victory.

"I think the reality is that we will win hands-down if we convert the PS2 owners to PS3," he said. "When we look at the total available market, we salivate at the notion of converting our existing PS2 universe.

"Every million units we drop into the PS2 is an annuity that's going to pay out later on for PS3 upgrades, and we've got some interesting ideas on how to reach out to those PS2 owners in the US and convert them up.

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psnCAShville_6154391d ago

sony don't need no freaking 50 year olds!! the average gamer for sony is around 30, is adult system.

NewSchoolGamer4391d ago

all they have to do is convert ps2 owners into ps3 owners and they win.

SL1M DADDY4391d ago

It's going to happen. Brand loyalty is amazing in terms of redundant sales and console upconverts. If I have had PS systems since day one, you can pretty much bet that I will have them in the future. I personally have loved the PS consoles and bought the PS3 because I knew it would be great.

LiquifiedArt4391d ago

The ripping out of PS2 BC from future PS3's really is quite a crutch for them. BC does matter to me. I ahve almost 70 PS1+PS2 games and very rare and unique RPGs and other games you can't even find anymore.

I do however feel it was important to drop the price as soon as possibly as their entry price point was a bit too high. Still I can almost guarentee PS2 Emulation via Cell+RSX coming in the next year. They arent giving up PS2 BC completely, they just know what they have in the works and a rough time-frame of when it will be finished. I'd be willing to be my toe nails on Future BC via FW update.

Mark these works ~ "Future PS2 BC via FW Update".

shazam4391d ago

i guarantee that there will be ps2 bc on your 40GB ps3 sometime in the next few years when they move to total software emulation. they're already halfway there, they are emulating the emotion engine with software and there is only the graphics synthesizer chip. there will be backwards compatibility for all ps3's in the future.

v1c1ous4391d ago

1) The casual ps2 owners already made the transation to wii

2) don't think that just because someone owned a ps2 they will automatically go to -> ps3

3) Newsflash! there are a TON of wii/360 only owners who owned a ps2 last gen.

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Silly Mammo4391d ago

As 78 year old grandmother of 15 grandkids, I'm highly offended by Mr. Steinberg's comments! Sony should immediately begin developing a gimmicky gaming console that produces sub-par games that all the non-gamers will enjoy. Or prepare to lose the coveted 65+ demographic that craves video game versions of their favorite TV shows like Murder She Wrote and Matlock. :P

Main_Street_Saint4391d ago

I like "Murder she wrote" and "Matlock" and I'm only 32 years old :P

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