Bethesda feeling confident about getting Fallout 4 done in time for Nov. launch

Pete Hines recently told Examiner in an exclusive interview about the current shape of Fallout 4.

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SouljAx3601179d ago

I really hope this doesn't get delayed. Really looking forward to playing it this year.

GhostTurtle1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

God, I hope not. Had know idea Bethes had these "feelings". Was thinking it was a 100% sure thing. Guess it feels good they feel good though lol.

About the article, its been 5 years since we last saw FO, not 7.

CourierSix1179d ago (Edited 1179d ago )

Hate to burst your bubble but FO3 was 2008...15-8=7, so its been 7 years since Bethes FO. FO:NV doesn't count just like Tactics or BoS

GhostTurtle1178d ago

Thats probably the dumbest thing I've read all day...

Dacapn1179d ago

The game will come out as scheduled with all the bugs in tact. Don't you worry.

seanpitt231179d ago

Not far to go guys I have goosebumps just thinking about this game.
I am pretty sure it will not get delayed they announced it when they knew it would be ready they are not ubisoft plus with a game like this expect a lot of patches on launch and beyond.

TheSaint1178d ago

Me too, though I'd rather they delayed it than released it broken.

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Ocsta1179d ago

If Fallout gets delayed after Xcom 2 already did I am crying myself to sleep for a month.

SlightlyRetarted1179d ago

"We’ve been down this road before when it comes to a big open-world game and dotting all of the I’s and crossing all of the T’s. I think there’s a high [level] of confidence as far as understanding what needs to be done to get it finished," Hines said.

I laughed in my mind for a moment when i read this.

MasterD9191179d ago

I have faith in far, they've had a hell of a year!

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