Ghost Recon Wildlands exclusive: A world encouraging Team Play, not forcing it

Ghost Recon Wildlands truly sounds like a team-based game in the sense that it's how the world lives and is built that will make you want to work as a team. However, if the world's systems don't make you play as a team, dying on your own over and over and over sure will.

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Bathyj1548d ago

So I guess any hope I had of playing single player and having squad member AI to give orders to and execute plans are out the window. It's really sad for me that games like this and rainbow 6 are just going MP now. Isn't it enough you took call of duty? Does everything have to be online?

OhMyGandhi1548d ago

Ghost Recon is certainly ripe with potential for this kind of squad based game play. So I can see why they are going in that direction. But still, you are right, it would be nice to be able to enjoy the game lone-wolf style as well.

Damn this game looks absolutely gorgeous.

XBLSkull1548d ago

Coop has always been the strongest point in both Rainbow and Recon, I see no reason to be complaining. If you were playing solo you really have missed out on the best parts of those games. Get some friends.

Roccetarius1548d ago

I'm surprised this isn't the norm, considering games like these should be online focused.

Bathyj1548d ago

And why should they? I played all the other ghost recon and rainbow sixes by myself. The whole point of those games was planning an attack and using you troops to carry it out. Now they're just guys you don't know running around shooting, like every other shooter. Sorry not everyone wants that and when you take away a franchise I've enjoyed for over a decade it's annoying.

_-EDMIX-_1548d ago

.....we'll you might want to just wait for the next Ghost game then. They have subtitles for a reason.

This is merely part of a series of games, who is saying they are NEVER going back to that concept?

beans1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

Agreed understand Bathyj. I use to love playing RB6 single player way before even the Vegas games I didn't care much about. Multiplayer is great and I love it but could we be headed for a multiplayer online world of gaming only? This pattern could be something we all need to worry about.

donthate1548d ago

I think demand for those games are dissappearing, but cry enough over the years and you might get one.

Bigpappy1548d ago (Edited 1548d ago )

I can appreciate your complaint, as that was the big appeal of the early Ghost on PC and early console. But I do prefer co-op with real people, especially when you turn off respond and drowns.

I am really looking forward to this release, it seems to have less predictability, which should have the, hopefully, 8+ co-op players (4 is not enough) on their toes. Force that cautious and slow progression. You don't have to hand out preset rules and roles for everyone, but you do need to be alert and let others know what you discover while you have their backs and they have yours. Its all about strength in numbers. I know they will allow respawns, but I never allow that in games I host. You die, you watch. You get back in when the mission fails or is completed.

user99502791548d ago

"took call of duty" ? Doesn't COD have single player campaigns... pretty elaborate ones, at that? If I recall, COD2's campaign was hardly any better. And it was COD4s multiplayer that brought COD the success it has.

COD can attribute its success to multiplayer because that's what people want. There is a minority that prefers solo experiences... and it is showing in a lot of games. As far as tactical shooters, I think that single player gamers should come to terms with the fact that they are part of an insignificantly small minority and will be treated as such.

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MilkMan1548d ago

After reading this, this game is off my list. I was expecting and open world game where I could go alone AND IF I wished to partake with friends I could, but it was optional, not mandatory. This is not the game for me.

XBLSkull1548d ago

This article confirms you can do just that. You can play solo with Ai teammates. This article just says don't go into a 4 player coop game and run off and play by yourself, common sense really. Why would you join up with 3 other people if you intend to go off on your own?

MilkMan1543d ago

So Will there be AI to join you if you want?

Justiceleague1548d ago

The Xbox fans will love this game. Not for me though.