My time with Bloodborne: The Old Hunters felt far too familiar


When Bloodborne: The Old Hunters was announced, I was pretty ecstatic to get back into the world of Yharnam again. After all, I beat Bloodborne three times after just one week with it, and thoroughly enjoyed the more action-oriented gameplay compared to its predecessors.

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GribbleGrunger1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

This is SO reminiscent of the comments we were seeing when we first saw Bloodborne and everyone thought it would all be based around that one location. How about we don't make the same silly mistake again and realise that Sony have taken a new direction with their reveals this generation. Last generation was ruined by overexposure and I for one am very happy to go into a game with little else but a teaser. Show me less so I can experience more.

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VsAssassin1540d ago (Edited 1540d ago )

Familiar is good. He previewed a tiny slice of the actual expansion, so I am not at the slightest worried. I mean, it's Blodborne - it oozes with quality!

Edit: And reports say that the base game will receive tweaks like revamped bosses and such. We might even see alterations in enemy placements and NG+ additions.

slappy5081540d ago

Wow you were expecting a different game from DLC, man?
I'll have more of the same please

Antifan1540d ago

Were you expecting Bloodborne 2?

robtion1540d ago

Am I missing something? This guy played a short TGS demo and is now saying the expansion is too small, too samey, not worth $20.

How about waiting until you play the full thing before posting negative click bait.

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