The New Metal Gear Online Is More Than Just Killing


I just spent an hour with the new Metal Gear Online. And like its parent game, it’s about more than just charging in, guns blazing.

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PhoenixUp1548d ago

I'm just looking forward to the evolution of the legendary epic online mode Team Sneaking.

The addiction is real

Rimeskeem1548d ago

I saw the new gameplay and I am very excited for the online, me and my friends will be having a blast!

JoakimMogren1547d ago

i know it looks so good, at first i was a bit worried because they weren't showing anything about the online maybe because it was bad or something, but all that worrying is going when i saw that gameplay demo

MasterD9191548d ago

Wow, I didn't know it was being released in October but hey- looks fun.