Shenmue III 'Slacker Backer' Campaign Launches Because $6 Million Wasn't Enough

Shenmue III raised over six million dollars during its Kickstarter campaign, but that wasn't enough -- it wasn't enough!

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Bigpappy1544d ago

I thought Sony was helping to back this?

JMaine5181544d ago

Sony is helping with marketing, production, and some publishing (PS4 version).

LifeInNZ1544d ago

For goodness sake, after using this to raise the roof at E3 they should bankroll the game. Or are they saying it wont be profitable to do so?

mkis0071544d ago

From what we have been told Sony wants to but the creator wants it to be fan backed.

freshslicepizza1544d ago

sony wants the game to be console exclusive but doesn't want to appear they are funding it because of how kickstarter is supposed to work. generally a company like sony partners itself and helps fund it but in this case they used e3 to help market the game and get fans excited. they are also trying to show it is yu suzuki's game, not theirs. so it puts sony in a rather odd situation but at the end of the day sony wants to market it as a console exclusive.

people have been asking for a new shenmue game for years but financially it just didn't make sense and even sony doesn't want to fully commit to the title. this game is likely to come out in 2017 and will be much smaller scale than the original.

WowSoChill1544d ago

I thought the KickStarter was to "Gauge Interest" or thats what i have been told by many Sonys fans

looks like that isn't the case lol

XBLSkull1543d ago

I thought they just wanted 2 million. Triple wasn't enough? Smells fishy, Star Citizen all over again, but if people foolishly keep throwing money at it why not let them. Someone is getting rich.

ChronoJoe1543d ago

I think the developers wanted to stay independent. That's probably a crucial factor.

Games that Sony have heavily funded like Bloodborne, and Demon's Souls, Sony did so because they wanted ownership of the property, too. That's not something Shenmue is able to provide, so for Sony it's probably not quite as lucrative an investment to fully fund, as some of these alternative projects.

After all, if they were going to throw money at anything, while Shenmue is very popular amoung industry enthusiasts, it is not an especially popular series, broadly. If you asked the average core gamer, they would not recognise the series.

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sammarshall1021544d ago

Yeah Sony needs to stop being cheap and fund the game

SnotyTheRocket1544d ago

Why? It won't make it's budget back if they did that. Shenmue 1 and 2 where commercial flops.

G20WLY1544d ago

On the other hand, if you have that much interest, you need to stop being cheap and donate.

ritchi451544d ago

Why just Sony? The game is coming to PC too, so surely by your logic Valve should put up money too, as S3 will hit Steam. Where's the demands for them to put up money???

arkard1543d ago

The developers want the game to be fan funded, it's not Sony not being willing to toss money at it.

sammarshall1021543d ago

@Arkard are you being serious? What development studio would rather have less money to create games instead of getting funded by Sony or Microsoft to make the best game they can

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paul-p19881544d ago

It's a flamebait title, i'm a backer so i get the email updates, they just reopened it as loads of people have emailed them saying they couldnt donate in time or couldn't use paypal. The extra money is just going to be used for the original stretch targets that didn't get met. Nothing sinister about this AT ALL imo.

Full Email:

"Hello Everyone,

Thanks to your support, Shenmue III became the most funded video game on Kickstarter with 69,320 people helping to bring back the Shenmue series back to life. However, there are so many people told us they could not pledge on Kickstarter, or could not make the deadline, and have asked for a PayPal page for another opportunity to contribute to Shenmue III. So here we go!

The Slacker Backer period will continue through December 31st. While the full game will be completed as promised with the use of the funding collected on Kickstarter, any additional funding collected here will go towards reaching the Stretch Goals to make the game even bigger and deeper.The three month window was set to allow a long enough time to for everyone who wants to support Shenmue III to do so, but short enough to keep the release date on track.

The PayPal page will feature a selection of rewards from the Kickstarter campaign including the Trial Version and the Collector’s Edition. If you missed out on the Kickstarter, you still have a chance to be part of the Shenmue legacy!
Surveys, add-ons and upgrades

Surveys are not quite ready yet, but they will be going out during this Slacker Backer campaign. Once the survey system is up and running, add-ons and upgrades will be available for existing Kickstarter backers. We will of course keep you posted here on the Updates page with all the developments."

ritchi451544d ago

Agreed. As a backer who received the same email, it's clear the title of this article is pure flamebait, aimed at riling people up to further try and discredit what Ys Net are creating. The amount of negativity towards Shenmue 3 after it was announced for specific platforms was insane.

1544d ago
S2Killinit1544d ago

Thank you for the post. God im so tired of people who want SHENMUE! to fail because its not coming to their favorite console. Honestly gamers are lost.

johndoe112111544d ago

Thanks for the info. Hardcoregamer has just been added (permanently this time) to my website block list. Sick and tired of this unprofessional troll site.

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showtimefolks1544d ago

sony is willing to fund it if its a ps4 exclusive not coming to both ps4 and pc. end of the day its Business

i still this game coming out and i could also see the development shift totally to ps4 because of funding issues

lvl_headed_gmr1544d ago

I am still beside myself trying to understand the mentality of how all this went down.

Shenmue has NEVER been known to sell well. Poor sales = low demand = low kickstarter support.

Shenmue NEEDS corp support. Why they would go to Sony who knows VERY WELL Shenmue has a strong history of poor sales is beyond comprehension. Thats why Sony is only going as far as backing the marking. Shenmue 3 should have been pitched to MS who actually have the money to help back this game WITHOUT begging gamers through a Kickstarter which FAILED and now for some odd reason the developer thinks there were actually people that wanted to give money but didn't have enough time before...

Just kill this train wreck of a kickstarter and let the ip die....don't forget to refund the money back to the people who donated.

johndoe112111544d ago

Your name is completely contradictory to what you write.

showtimefolks1543d ago

yeh actually sony is the one taking risks not MS. also sony anted to fund the game and wanted it as a ps4 exclusive(you know how ms published sunset overdrive even though insomniac games own the IP)

but didn't want to go with a publisher and instead wanted to go with kickstarter. I think at the end of the day the choices are clear

make a shenmue 3 with 6 plus million which will suck

cancel the game refund the money bye bye shenmue forever

go with sony and make it a ps4 exclusive and get the big funding and make the best shenmue with big advertisement firm behind the game

Pozzle1543d ago

Shenmue was actually a pretty popular game back in the day. IIRC it was the 3rd best selling game on the Dreamcast and sold over a million copies.

The main problem with the game was that it was on a console with a low user base, and the cost of development was so high that every Dreamcast owner would have had to buy the game TWICE for it to be profitable.

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JMaine5181544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Cool. I didn't have a chance to back it last time. Will do so now.

DiRtY1544d ago

Oh dear, Shenmue... what happened to you?

You was one of the most iconic games in history and you had one of the biggest budgets at your time.

Now you ask your fans to pay for your sequel even before development started. The fans give you 6 million USD, but you need more than that.

This game has failure written all over it.
A mix between poor budget, nostalgia and outdated game mechanics for a different audience.

HeartlessGamer1544d ago

So it's bad to make the game bigger? The way Yu Suzuki wants the game to be? The game is being made regardless the 2 million was to actually make the game even possible the rest of money from stretch goals is to give us more content people honestly need to stop complaining

SaveFerris1544d ago

Because not many people purchased the first two games. For Sega and Sony, it is not worth the risk to fully fund it themselves. Crowdfunding seems to be the only way to get this made.
And if the game is successful, perhaps Sega and/or Sony will help to fund Shenmue 4.

G20WLY1544d ago

Wow, way to troll.

Can you tell us more about these "outdated game mechanics"? I'm impressed that you've played a game that has yet to be made!

More money = better game. It's that simple.

Maybe if enough people donate they could add a stretch goal to bring it to your Xbox - you'd be all over this then, like a rash! :)

sourav931544d ago

Yeah! Who needs Shenmue, when you can play Titanfall!!!!


Spotie1544d ago

Look at this. Even after all this time, folks still trying to make this game look bad. People still spreading misinformation and doing whatever they can to cast doubt upon this title.

Isn't it about time you guys cut this crap out, already?

freshslicepizza1544d ago

ask yourself this, why do you let it bother you so much? very unhealthy attitude to patrol the forums seeking out those who may say something negative towards any game on the playstation or the playstation systems.

what matters most is your own enjoyment, not whether others may not.

the fact is this new shenmue game will be of much smaller scale to the original. that doesn't mean it won't be good but people need to keep their expectations in check.

gangsta_red1544d ago

So I just read a new post of yours in a Forza 6 article asking why no one can speak about that game's shortcomings. You asked why should the negatives for that game be ignored or not discussed.

So why are you here saying that no one should talk about the negatives or shortcoming potentials of this game?

You don't find it just a little concerning that 6 million isn't enough for THIS title?

r2oB1544d ago

@ gangsta red

How can you objectively speak negatively about a game, the actual game, when it hasn't released yet? Speaking about the shortcomings of a released game is a completely different scenario, and yet you try and relate the two.

They are not asking for more money to complete the game. They are allowing people to fund the original stretch goals that were not met. The game will be made with the original funds regardless.

gangsta_red1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

"How can you objectively speak negatively about a game, the actual game, when it hasn't released yet?"

Well it's really easy because I have played the two games before this one and those games were boring as hell. So it is not a difficult stretch to assume that this one will be bad too especially at a 6 million budget, when those games before it were upward by at least 50 million (I believe)...I doubt this game will be as compelling or interesting with that budget, no matter how much more people might donate.

tiffac0081544d ago

^ Bro that's your opinion not facts. I respect it though.

r2oB1543d ago

@ gangsta red

Two things:
1) less money does not equal bad game.
2) your comment was absolutely not objective. The fact that you are basing your assumption on your opinion of the prior two games shows bias. We can't make any objective assertions about the game because it has yet to release. That would be like me talking about the shortcomings of your next comment, before you even make it.

Spotie1543d ago

@moldy: Why do you care? Do you even comprehend how much of a hypocrite these "unhealthy" comments of yours are?

Whose expectations aren't in check? Whose lack of enjoyment matters? This is me being tired of people continuing to spread misinformation. You can't characterize Dirty's comment as anything else but trying to paint the development of this game in a negative light. And that matters to me because I'm a damn backer. I have pledged money to this game; don't like me defending my investment? Feel free to never respond to my comments ever again. You won't be missed.

@gangsta: r2oB already explained it, but being negative about a game that hasn't even been made yet is NOTHING like pointing out an existing game's flaws. Dunno what parallel you were trying to make, but you failed miserably.

You further failed when you said you can speak objectively about a game that isn't completed because of your subjective opinion on the previous two games in the franchise. Obviously didn't think that through.

But then, you're both people who are so eager to condemn whatever I say that it doesn't matter if what you reply with makes sense, apparently.

gangsta_red1543d ago


"1) less money does not equal bad game."

Yes it does, when it's a game supposedly of this scale.

"The fact that you are basing your assumption on your opinion of the prior two games shows bias."

Lol, really? Two games, both critical and commercial flops, two games that had numerous flaws and the same complaints and I can't assume the third with a budget of only 6 mill may have the same issues? Lol, sure.

"We can't make any objective assertions about the game because it has yet to release."

But I just did.

"'re both people who are so eager to condemn whatever I say that it doesn't matter if what you reply with makes sense, apparently."

That's because everything you say is in total defense of sony that you are willing to set aside common sense just to prop up anything related to Sony. So of course even though two games were flops and boring only you and r2 would assume that the third wouldn't be.

What's that saying...fool me once shame on you...fool me, it cant be fooled again ;)

Apparently though, as long as Sony is attached it's okay to think that this third game won't be any different.

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Imortus_san1544d ago

This Kickstarter is embarasing, a game of this magnitude in a Kickstarter, ffs, this game is as importante as God of War or Gear of War, and many other titles, this was the Dreamcast greatest game and one of the more waited games on consoles ever, how can anyone make this into a Kickstarter is just patetic, and so is the creator of the game for not going to someone that would produce the game with a big budget.

tiffac0081544d ago

Sadly, reality made Shenmue a commercial flop that not even Sega wanted to make part 3 of it.

I rather see the game made then not at all.

uth111544d ago

didn't the originals cost far more than $6 million?

deadpoolio3161544d ago

There was literally NEVER a time that Shenmue was one of the most iconic games in history EVER.....

On EVERY front Shenmue was a massive flop, and the fact that it didn't sell is the exact reason why Sega wanted nothing to do with it...

Dinkis1544d ago

I thought they were iconic. Both where topnotch imo. I think they didn't do so well was because the first was on a system that had no chance against ps2 unfortunately and the 2nd was on og Xbox and was a new kind of console with not that many users. Both games suffered from bad marketing and both should have been on ps2. I mean lets face it if they were on the console with the highest sells of all time don't you think it would have done better. Shenmue 2 had one of the biggest cliffhangers of all time for me. Can't wait to play Shenmue 3!

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Tedakin1544d ago

I find it surprising that Shenmue has to resort to this. Aren't the first ones beloved? Don't a bunch of people want this? Why does it need to be crowdfunded? A real company won't get behind it and pay for it?

fulnattybrah1544d ago

beloved? no one even bought it... Shenmue 1/2 are considered major flops... I can say that bc I still own 2, but thats why no one wants to straight up back the game...

Tedakin1544d ago

Really? Seems like a such a huge outcry for 3. Maybe it's just an extremely vocal minority.

tiffac0081544d ago

^ The Shenmue fanbase grew overtime via word of mouth but it wasn't during the time it needed to make money. So its a commercial flop but has a healthy community.

Imortus_san1544d ago

They were flops due to two things only:

- Dreamcast sales were the worst ever that gen;
- The game cost to produce was gigantic.

The game is great, just bad business management.

ShaunCameron1544d ago

@ Imortus_san

You forgot another thing.

Piracy. It undermined the DC's software sales and in turn crippled Sega's ability to withstand whatever losses the DC took. So much for the argument that piracy doesn't equal lost revenue/sales.

Pozzle1543d ago

Shenmue sold 1.2 million copies so it was hardly a poor seller. The reason it was a "flop" is because the damn thing cost $40 million to make, so every Dreamcast owner would have had to buy the game twice for it to be profitable.

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G20WLY1544d ago

Yu Suzuki, the creator, wanted to do this through Kickstarter. It quickly became the most successful crowdfunded game of all time, so yeah, I'd say a bunch of people do want this, lol!

Shenmue 1 was the most expensive game ever made at the time, but it's Japanese-centric setting/story made it a sales flop in the West where people only wanted games with guns.

Whatever the game's like, this is going down in history as a success, much to the haters' collective disgust.

I can't wait to get back into Ryo's world with a modern approach and today's hardware!

triple_c1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Exactly, you also wouldn't believe the amount of misinformation that is spread by people. I have constantly heard and have seen people say that Sony is kickstarting this game which is false and we all know which group of people are doing this...

Sony isn't kickstarting the game. Sony doesn't even own the rights to the game or the trademark to the game so how could they be kickstarting a game that they don't even own or own the rights too?

For example (and this is just an example), if Uncharted was on kickstarter then that would mean Sony is kickstarting the game since Sony owns the rights and the trademark to Uncharted. The trademark for Shenmue is owned by SEGA and Yu Suzuki and they own the rights to it, NOT Sony so Sony is not kickstarting Shenmue, Sega and Yu Suzuki are.

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