What’s the deal with delaying the Mighty No. 9 demo, Comcept?

Keith from The Outerhaven writes: Seriously Comcept? You delayed Mighty No. 9 several times, which already left a bad taste in the mouth of many fans and those who helped fund the game. Of course after all the frustration, you eventually announced that you were going to release a “Special Demo”, as a pseudo peace offering. That “Special Demo” was supposed have been released as of yesterday, 9/15/2015, but that didn’t happen. But what happened?

Instead you quietly brushed the delay of that demo under the rug and only made an announcement via the Mighty No. 9 website. But you didn’t even make the news transparent and dropped the delay under another topic, so if people came to the website that wouldn’t even see the news about the delay. C’mon guys, you can’t really be that daft can you?

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donwel1126d ago

Maybe they spent all of the donation money on sake and hookers